11 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Television

by Shivam Sunel

Unlike in old times, when people only used televisions to watch news channels, daily soaps, and movies from TV channels, nowadays, televisions are used to watch almost all types of entertainment content, including YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and others, which enhances their usability in households.

With increased use, the possibility of TVs breaking down has also increased. Although televisions last 10–15 years depending on their use, if you don’t maintain them, they will break down early, causing you to spend money on a new costly television or spend extra on repairmen.

So, in order to avoid any costly repair or replacement of your TV, we’ve listed a few essential tricks for you to use to increase the lifespan of your TV.

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11 Ways to Extend Television’s Durability

Here are the key tricks for increasing your TV’s lifespan:

Use a Voltage Regulator

Any type of fluctuation in the voltage of your electricity can severely damage your television. Sometimes voltage fluctuations can cause fires in the house as well. For this reason, use a voltage regulator that will maintain the electricity flow to your TV.

Give Space for Ventilation

Ventilation is required for all types of home appliances. To keep your TV properly ventilated, make sure to mount or place it 3-6 inches away from the wall. Ventilation will keep the TV from overheating, resulting in an increased lifespan.

Avoid Placing or Installing it Near the Heat

Many people place their TV above the fireplace for a good interior look. However, this can damage their TV’s lifespan by overheating it.

It is better to keep it away from any heat source, such as a fireplace, or away from windows to keep it safe from sun rays.

Lower Brightness and Contrast

Low brightness and contrast levels help in increasing the durability of your TV. High brightness results in a high temperature on the TV, affecting the screen and the TV’s lifespan as well.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance includes keeping the TV clean and dust-free. Also, don’t use products containing alcohol and ammonia to clean the screen; this can damage the screen.

Use a soft cloth or an electrostatic duster to keep it away from dust, or use a vinegar and water solution.

Use it as Instructed in the User Manual

At present, most televisions come with a user manual that strictly shows what to avoid with your TV. For example, a user manual shows what type of wiring or electric socket your TV can handle and other connectors for TV that help to avoid electrical component damage.

Don’t Do DIY Repairs

What do you do when your TV starts acting up? You try to search it on Google for DIY repairs.

This method can be useful in small cases, such as a TV showing pictures but no audio. This issue can be solved (in some cases) by connecting the right cables to the TV.

Apart from this, critical issues that need professional repairs, such as cracked screens, wiring issues, and any other inner component issues must be repaired by professionals. Otherwise, it can cause serious damage to the TV.

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Protective Placement

Use anti-tip or anti-fall furniture to keep your TV from falling and breaking. Whether you’re mounting it on a wall or placing it on furniture, anti-tip straps or similar products can keep your TV from falling.

Reduce its Use Time

It’s only fair to keep your TV turned off when not in use. However, many people leave their smart TVs on pause for hours when they are not watching or just leave the TV on when working on something else.

Reducing its use time will increase its lifespan because TVs come with an hourly lifespan. For example, smart TVs come with a lifespan of 100,000 hours (about 10 years), and similar to this, other TV brands have their own specific timeframe that they can last.

For this reason, turn off your TV when it is not in use.

Keep it in Energy-Saving Mode

Many advanced televisions, such as Samsung Smart TVs, have this energy-saving mode feature. This feature adjusts TV brightness, reduces power consumption, and increases its lifespan.

Avoid Sideloading Apps from Unreliable Sites

If you don’t want to damage your smart TV with ransomware, only download apps and other entertainment content from trusted sites.


To avoid expensive repairs and replacements, it is best to follow these TV maintenance tips. However, if you ever need a budget-friendly repair option for the TV, then consider contacting Bharat Services.

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