4 Restaurants in Singapore with the Best Korean Fried Chicken

Korean Fried Chicken Delivery

by oddleeats

When food cravings hit, you can never go wrong with the classic Korean fried chicken. Its juicy meat and crispy skin coated with the signature sauces like soy garlic and yangnyum… Irresistible!

The good news is that there’s a diverse selection of restaurants in Singapore serving an array of Korean fried chicken flavours – all you have to do is choose what you’d like to have!

But in the sea of local dining spots, which ones are worth spending money on?

We’re here to help you out! Check out the following restaurants with Korean fried chicken delivery the next time you want to order a bucket of crispy fried chicken for you and your friends.

  1. Chir Chir

Fancy different Korean fried chicken flavours? Make sure to order from Chir Chir, a restaurant that brings signature Korean and Japanese dishes to your doorstep, anywhere in Singapore.

Apart from the classic Korean fried chicken, Chir Chir offers flavours like honey butter, spicy yangnyum, garlic roasted, and spicy BBQ. You can have your chicken either in wings or boneless, as well as in chicken tenders.

What we like about Chir Chir is that there’s something for you whether you’re eating alone or having a feast with family and friends. There’s even a 22-piece wing bundle that comes with 4 Amber Nectar Legar, a perfect option for a Friday Night gathering!

Give this restaurant a try if you want to experience Korean fried chicken delivery at its best!

  1. Jinjja Chicken

Halal-certified Korean dishes in Singapore can sometimes be hard to come by. Luckily, we found Jinjja Chicken, a restaurant that serves Korean fried chicken made out of pure, 100% fresh chicken.

This Korean restaurant is popular for its chicken wings and drums that come in three flavours: spicy hot, soy garlic, and yangnyum. If you’re a huge fan of hot wings, make sure to try the spicy hot chicken, coated in a sauce made with mouth-numbing chilli and spices.

Serving-wise, we have to say that we like Jinjja Chicken the most. A single order of Korean fried chicken here consists of a minimum of six wings, which is more or less enough for one to two persons.

All in all, it’s difficult to beat this restaurant if you’re after Korean fried chicken in bigger-than-usual servings.

  1. AHTTI

Another option if you’re looking to try interesting flavours or just want to binge-eat Korean fried chicken after a long day at work is AHTTI.

AHTTI’s fried chicken comes in flavours like cheese butter, honey butter, sweet and spicy, yangnyum, ganjang sweet salted, and chilli padi, which you can have either in boneless or wings and drums. Add some beer or soju to your order, and you have  one mouth-watering feast.

If we were to describe AHTTI’s Korean fried chicken, we’d say it’s one of the best ones we’ve had. It’s satisfyingly crispy yet the meat is tender and juicy, while the sauce is light and just the right amount of savoury.

  1. NeNe Chicken

If you need your Korean fried chicken fix pronto, then NeNe Chicken can definitely help, with its seven branches scattered all over the island.

We particularly like NeNe’s extensive Korean menu which includes japchae and burgers, making it convenient if we’re ever craving something other than fried chicken. There’s also a certain level of tenderness in their fried chicken that proves they only use fresh ingredients.

Although NeNe only offers classic and bulgogi fried chicken, its selection of chicken dips makes up for it, which includes smoky BBQ, honey mustard, soy, spicy, hot bling, and the double freaking hot.

A Korean meal can’t be complete without sides, and NeNe knows that! You can choose from its wide range of side dishes such as curly fries, chicken skin, onion rings, cheese sticks, and chicken spam fries, among others.

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