5 Popular Student Cities for Studying Overseas

by Ankitkumar


Study abroad can be a very beneficial experience for a college-going student. Travelling to a new country and meeting new people are some advantages that you get by studying abroad. But finding the right student city can be a daunting task. So, to help you out today we are sharing with you five popular student cities for studying overseas.

Toronto City

Over the years Toronto has become an appealing option for foreign students for studying overseas. As per a report, every year almost 1 million students migrate to Toronto for pursuing their studies. Besides this, it is a very safe student city and is famous for its cultural diversity. This is the key reason why the city attracts lots of foreign students every year. Additionally, the city houses many fabulous universities and colleges that offer lots of distinct courses in different disciplines. Moreover, once you complete your studies here you can easily get a job in some of the top-notch companies across the globe. Furthermore, the inhabitants of the country are very friendly and supportive. In short, Toronto is a great student city, and studying in this city can be very beneficial for you. To learn other interesting facts about Toronto city, feel free to contact our study abroad consultants in Delhi.

Nottingham City

Nottingham is a fabulous city in England and by studying here you can expect to get a memorable experience. Whether you are a simple student or an adventurous traveller you will have a remarkable experience in the city. Besides this, you will find dozens of cultural attractions to explore while studying in the city. Additionally, it also features lots of amazing shopping malls and historic sites. Furthermore, it houses ample universities/colleges that offer top-notch education to students. For example, it houses universities like Nottingham Business School and Nottingham Trent University.  Moreover, you can easily find amazing courses in these colleges/universities that can help you give a boost to your career. Apart from this, the city also offers lots of safe and budget-friendly accommodation options to students. In short, you will get an amazing experience while studying in Nottingham city.

London City

Over the year London has become famous all over the world as the top student city in the UK. This is the key reason why most international students prefer to pursue their studies here. Besides this, the city houses 40 top-notch universities like London’s School of Economics, Queen Mary University of London, etc. Additionally, the city features many historic attractions like Buckingham Palace, the National Gallery, etc. that attract dozens of tourists every year.  Moreover, the city proving ample learning and working opportunities to students. Furthermore, you can easily find economical accommodation options in the city.

New York City

New York is an outstanding city and features some of the tallest skyscrapers in entire America. Besides this, the city has an exciting culture and is filled with culinary adventures. Whether you are a traveller or just an ordinary student you will love New York City. Moreover, you will get an unforgettable student experience in the city. This is why many students prefer to pursue their education here rather than in any other city in the USA. Apart from this, the city features dozens of astounding museums, top-notch universities, libraries, etc. Moreover, the city also offers safe accommodation options for students at a low price. In short, it is a great city and is very popular among writers, artists, and musicians.

Edinburgh City

Edinburgh is an incredible student city in the UK. It is also one of the oldest/historical cities on the entire planet.  Besides this, it is famous for its center of arts, entertainment centers, museums, historical monuments, etc. Moreover, the city also hosts lots of events/activities for students year-round. Additionally, the city features phenomenal educational institutions like Edinburgh Napier University, Heriot-Watt University, etc. Apart from high-quality education the city also provides safe student housing options. However, the cost of accommodation can be quite high in the city thanks to the quality of education here. To learn about the accommodation options available in Edinburgh city in detail feel free to contact our abroad education consultants.


These are some of the most popular student cities for students who wish to study abroad. So, if you are searching for a great student city then do check out these marvelous student cities. These student cities are very popular and provide quality education to students. Moreover, they also provide amazing accommodation options to students at affordable prices.

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