5 Ways to Plan Your Holidays’ Gift Packaging

by kathrynrabecca

As the holiday season is right above us, we know it makes us think about our family and loved ones. One of the features of these holidays that include the happiness of our loved ones these days is sending them gifts. People love to shop for holiday gifts, and if you are one of the E-commerce retailers and want to boost your sales on holidays, you can make changes in your product packaging. Last year during the holiday season, people bought gifts worth around 790$ billion. These custom boxes of different products like beard oil packaging promote the holiday spirits among consumers and make your item different from others.

Today’s consumers pay attention to every little detail of a product before buying it. They do not want their product only to be top-notch but also the packaging. It will also help the retailer get the customer to choose their product in stores.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss the five latest Holliday packaging trends that will help your sales.

Use A Better Color Scheme And Graphics

Almost more than 85% of people purchase a product just by looking at its packaging color and graphics. They want to choose the perfect gift packaging that represents the theme of that holiday. So, it is advised to wrap your product this summer in packaging that shows the spirit of that holiday.

For example, if you want to pack your item in a Christmas theme on beard packaging, you want to add graphics like Santa, Rudolf, and Reindeer on it. Choose a color scheme that represents Christmas like white, red, or green.

Colors always catch consumer attention on a crowded shelf of similar products. That is the only reason more brands are trying to up their holiday packaging game. You can go from vibrant to dull colors by just keeping upcoming holidays in mind.

Although it may seem like a good idea to festively pack all your products, it may not be feasible or realistic. The more products you have, the more money and time you will need to spend on the packaging. In addition, the exclusivity factor will not exist if you change the packaging for all your products, not just a few.

It is recommended that you give priority to the best packaging for CBD products, which are in high demand during the holidays, such as candles, lighting fixtures, electronics, and Christmas gifts. To do it, compare your customers’ recent shopping habits, research how Christmas shopping has evolved in recent years, and conduct market research to find out what products customers usually buy at Christmas.

Focus On Details

Always try to focus on detailed packaging, because customers like these little efforts. Take your time to come up with a great design and then start producing packaging for the product. Because packaging serves as a blank canvas, you can be as creative as you like.

You will be able to create new theme-based patterns for your beard oil packaging, along with graphics that represent it. Try to cover every inch of your packaging with little detail. It will help your product look premier and also grab buyers’ attention.

Custom Packaging

Another strategy that you can apply this summer to attract your consumer is by letting them choose a design for the product packaging. Multiple online stores also give buyers the option to get their products wrapped in custom packaging.

You can know about the customer demands by getting their order with their custom packaging requirements. The custom box packaging trend has been taking a lift for the last five years. People buy customized gifts as well as pack them in customized boxes. It will show their loved ones how much thought they put into that gift.

Add A Touch Of Nostalgia

Try to come up with a design that reminds people about simpler times in today’s overly complex world. You can design your custom packaging from packaging stores in old graphics that used to be popular in the past. It will generate a proper moment of nostalgia between the gift sender and receiver.

Using the power of nostalgia can bring out strong emotions and trigger buyers to get your item over other similar ones. Try to use old-school graphics that are familiar to people’s childhoods, characters, and superheroes.

Make Your Packaging Playful

It is another technique to implement in your packaging that can help you grow your sales. Try to provide your buyer with something extra with beard oil packaging. You can design different board games on it to make it more playful.

Other than that, you can even make it mechanical, which means it can be used in many other ways instead of just packaging. It is one of the best marketing tools that have physical contact with buyers. You need to make it perfect, and it will help you grow your business financially.

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