7 Amazing tips for Safely Ship with Custom Vape Packaging

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Vapes are becoming very popular, especially over the past few years. Like every other industry, vape companies are also gaining more ground on their standard counterparts. Their marketing tactics and trick have resulted in the rise of more sales and shipment across the world.  Custom vape packaging is the best way to dominate.

As vape is prepared with several delicate parts and equipment that could get damaged quickly, manufacturers need to take extra care while shipping such products. To make sure that your consumers don’t end up with broken vape, here 7 packaging tactics that you can use to send your vape equipment all over the world safely.

Know Shipping Rules

Vape and other electronic cigarettes are still a new thing for many people. Therefore, every country is setting its regulation in its way. If you are exporting your vapes to other parts of the world, you need to have complete knowledge about their set of instruction and regulation. If you ignore what they expect, you might face shipment delays or even legal sue.

Custom authorities of different countries subject the import of e-cigarettes, vapes, and e-liquids with extra caution. So, before dispatching your vapes, do some research to save your own time and money.

Keep things Secured

Equipment, like vape, requires extra care. You need to put all things in place without any undue pressure. A little mistake can lead to broken or damaged delivery. If they are packed loosely, they might rattle during the whole transportation process. Whereas you also don’t want to squeeze them either.

Vape equipment comes with lithium-ion batteries. If not packed properly, these batteries can cause delays at checkpoints. Moreover, wrongly packed lithium-ion batteries are also known to catch fires quite easily. It’s rare, but there is a chance that a small mistake can cause you thousands of dollars.

You can get custom vape cartridge boxes from several online stores. These are custom-cut boxes that specially prepared for the safe shipment of all vaping equipment.

Quality Represent the Brand

The safety and protection of the vape is the primary concern for the merchants and customers. Hence, as vape products manufacturer, you need to choose appropriate packaging that keeps the vape and its equipment safe from external damaging factors. You can not hand over any vape equipment to the consumers in a lousy packaging. You need to find something worth that stand out bundling and also boosts the customers’ perception of the products.


Nevertheless, nothing is better than custom eco-friendly vape cartridge boxes UK that are made from finest and biodegradable cardboard and kraft materials. The use of such high-quality materials will make a positive impact on consumers’ buying decision, and customers buy your vape products from the retail shelf without wasting any single minute or having second thoughts about it. Still, when consumers get their products in a perfect condition, they automatically turn into your brand loyalty.

Mention key Features

The packaging of any product is considered beneficial in-store purchasing tool that provides the way to distinguish vape cartridges from adversaries. You can print unique features of your brand on these boxes that help to emphasise clarity leading to more sales.

The slogans, logo, and other themes build an excellent visual image of the brand. In this way, you can play alone in making big sales and marketing of your vape products. Hence, you must pay attention to doing focus marketing through packaging boxes and convey the right message to the consumers as a successful vape brand.

You just need to take a moment and think about the different colours, themes and other details of the brand for printing on these packaging boxes.

Prevent Leaks

Any product that has a chance of leakage is categorised under the tab of fragile items. If the packaging you are using is unable to prevent any type of leakage, you need to find a new one for your vape cartridges.

The best way to prevent leaks is by using custom inserts to hold any vape product correctly within the packaging box.

Stick to Reusable Packaging

The eco-friendly packaging materials keep the environment safe from harmful impacts. While we are discussing the safe keeping of your vape equipment, it is also essential to consider the rising temperature of the planet and how much role does synthetic packaging has on it. According to environmental protection agency EPA, the total annual packaging waste rose to 7.4 Million ton that is 21.5% of the total combusted energy. So, it would be a great deed to reduce this number to fractions. We all need to play our part and do everything in our position to keep our planet habitable.

Packaging companies offer 100% biodegradable vape cartridge boxes wholesale. These packaging boxes can be your all-in-one solution for the protection of both the planet and your vape equipment.

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