8 Best Places in Recife

by Pshira

Places in Recife

Beautiful beaches and historical sites can be found in Brazil’s vibrant capital and exciting city. The city also has a thriving nightlife. If you like parties and good food, Recife is the place to be. However, those aren’t the only good things about Recife. There are other attractions worth visiting. The following are eight things to do in Recife:

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1 The Olinda Evening & Culinary Tour

The Olinda tour will give you the opportunity to sample some of Recife’s best cuisine! Historic sites such as churches, chapels, and convents will also be accessible. You’ll see historic buildings and beautiful gardens along the way. The highlight of this tour, however, would be a three-course meal at a local restaurant in Recife. Enjoy a delicious meal while learning about Olinda’s history.

2 Pernambuco Tour 

A professional and knowledgeable guide will show you around Recife during the 5-day Pernambuco Tour. You’ll travel in a van to see beaches, churches, and other popular attractions. The itinerary’s first three stops will be Instituto Ricardo Brennand, Recife to Marco Zero Square, and Oficina Francisco Brennand. This will be a river boat tour of Recife. Breakfast and lunch are served. The beautiful beaches of Recife and Porto de Galinhas are next on the itinerary. Prepare your best swimwear and relax on Brazil’s white sands. Following that, you’ll be driven to a charming fishing village for some fresh seafood and coconut.

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3 Jaqueira Park 

Jaqueira Park is Brazil’s largest. Inside the park, you can go biking, skating, and do other outdoor activities. There is also a playground, gardens, and ornamental plants. Are you planning a trip? Take a look at Picanha do Futuro, a steakhouse near the park. Mamthara Japanese restaurant is another option. Both serve delectable dishes to their customers.

4 Boa Viagem Beach 

Boa Viagem Beach is one of Recife’s most beautiful beaches. Brazil. It’s also one of the most popular, but few people swim there. Why? Those who have noted 56 fatal shark attacks in the rivers of Boa Viagem to date. While some people aren’t afraid of sharks and still swim, the majority of people go to the beach to enjoy the scenery.

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5 Paço do Frevo

In February 2014, Frevo Palace first opened its doors. It is mostly used for recreational purposes and cultural research. They’re a hit, with over 100,000 visitors in their first year alone. It is a three-story cultural centre where dance and music are taught. The frevo dance is the dance school’s main focus. There’s a red room inside with celebrity names emblazoned on the walls. These celebrities have a connection to the cultural centre. Upstairs, there are also over 300 photos depicting the preparation for the cultural presentations.

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6 Oficina Ceramica Francisco Brennand

In Brazil, Francisco Brennand is a gifted sculptor. It’s like walking through a wonderland seeing all of his work inside the museum. It’s fascinating as well as interesting! The artist’s sculptures and paintings are on display at Oficina Ceramica, which includes a headless chicken and a snake statue. They’re odd, but they’re also beautiful works of art.

7 Botanical Garden of Recife

Within the Botanical Garden, there are exhibits and walking trails. It’s the ideal spot for a family picnic or a Sunday outing. You can tour the entire garden on your own, but it is preferable to have a guide who is knowledgeable about the various plant species.

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8 Mirabilandia

Mirabilandia previously had only 15 rides, but they have now added 20 more! They now have about 35 major attractions for both children and adults. It first opened in 2002 and is now one of Recife, Pernambuco’s most successful parks. The only disadvantages are the long lines and the unhealthy food on offer. Apart from that, the theme park is fantastic!

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