A Complete Guide to Hair Loss: Causes & Treatments

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Hair loss has become a common concern for most people today. It is estimated that close to 80% of men and about half of women suffer from hair loss problems. When a person loses more than 100 hair strands on a daily basis, it is deemed as a hair loss condition. You must go for professional hair loss treatment to find a suitable remedy as per your condition. Visit hair loss experts and get personalised treatment depending on the cause behind your hair loss.

In this blog, we look at the different factors of hair loss and the possible treatments for them.

Hair Loss Causes

Hair loss can be attributed to a wide range of factors. We discuss the most common ones below.

  • Genetics

A hair loss condition caused by genetic factors is known as Androgenetic Alopecia. It is common among both men and women and is referred to as male pattern and female pattern baldness respectively. Estimates say that 80 percent of men and close to 50 percent of women lose their hair due to androgenetic alopecia. In the men, hair loss symptoms include a receding frontal hairline, thinning crown area, and diffuse thinning all over the scalp. In the women, the symptoms are a widening partition in the middle of the scalp.

  • Nutritional deficiency

A lack of proper nutrition can lead to hair loss problems. Like the rest of our body, our hair health is also dependent on getting the sufficient vitamins and minerals. The hair roots need the right amount of proteins, vitamins, nutrients, and minerals to grow long and strong hair. In the absence of appropriate nutrition, the hair follicles become weak and brittle. This can ultimately lead to hair loss.

  • Hormonal imbalance

Hormonal changes in a body can happen due to various factors such as age, medical factors, or pregnancy. Any change in a person’s usual hormone levels could be a trigger for hair loss. Thyroid issues, pregnancy, childbirth, or menopause could lead to either temporary or permanent hair loss. When you go for hair loss treatment from an expert, they will first find out if your hair loss is a serious concern or just temporary side-effect.

  • Medication side effects

There are certain medications that can potentially cause hair loss of a serious nature. This includes pills for blood pressure, heart disease, and cancer. Undergoing radiation therapy as part of cancer treatment can also cause hair loss. It is the duty of your doctor to warn you if he/she prescribes any such drugs to you.

  • Hair styling and heat treatments

Using excessive styling products can result in hair thinning or hair loss. Too much of blow-drying, heat treatments, or harsh chemicals can damage your hair strands and make them weak and prone to breakage.

Hair Loss Symptoms

As per our hair growth cycle, it is natural to lose about 60-100 hair strands in a day. So, how do you know when is the right time to visit a hair doctor? If you’re living in Agra, you must book an appointment with the best hair doctor in Agra when you notice these following signs.

  • Receding hairline

A receding hairline is the first sign of a hair loss condition. You start losing your hair in the front and around the sides. The hairline starts growing towards the top of the head. If left unattended, it can lead to complete hair loss.

  • Crown hair loss

The thinning of hair in the crown region is very commonly seen among men. Women will experience a widening partition in their middle scalp. Both these symptoms are usually also associated with ageing. The hair in the crown area starts to thin at first, and then gradually could result in a bald spot over the years.

  • Bald spots

If you suddenly notice any bald spots on your scalp, it could be a sign of a hair loss condition. The abrupt appearance of a bald spot could be concerning and a hair loss expert must be consulted immediately.

  • Thinning hair

The hair on your scalp starts gradually thinning. It is not limited to one part of the scalp only, but could happen all over the scalp. Thinning hair can drastically reduce the density of your hair, which has an impact on your looks and appearance.

Hair Loss Treatments

To successfully overcome your hair loss problems, you need to get personalised treatments for your specific hair loss condition. When you visit the best hair doctor in Agra, the expert will suggest any of these following treatments:

  • Minoxidil

Minoxidil is a topical hair loss solution to apply to your scalp. It has been proven as an effective treatment for androgenetic alopecia. Apply 2-3 drops of the Minoxidil solution to the affected areas of the scalp. It gives guaranteed hair growth results within 6 to 8 months of regular usage. One must consult a hair doctor before using this medicine.

  • Finasteride

Finasteride is an oral medication that has shown positive results against hair loss and baldness. The tablet has to be taken daily. It is mandatory to consult a hair specialist doctor to get the dosage of Finasteride right. One has to be patient as it takes up to a year to see visible hair growth results of this medicine.

  • Hair transplant

Hair transplant is the best treatment to androgenetic alopecia. It is a cosmetic surgery performed under the effects of   local anaesthesia. The surgeon removes the healthy hair follicles from the donor area of the scalp and implants them in the recipient area. Once the transplanted hair follicles start showing hair growth, it gives natural-looking and permanent results to baldness.

  • PRP hair treatment

PRP treatment is also known as Platelet Rich Plasma treatment. Platelets collected from your body are injected into your scalp to stimulate hair growth. Blood is drawn from you and the platelets are collected in a concentrated form. This matter is known as platelet-rich plasma and it is supposed to be high in proteins. It is believed they can promote better hair growth and is thus, injected into the scalp directly to your follicles.

  • Low-light laser hair therapy

Low-light laser therapy is an effective hair loss treatment. The light energy emanated from the laser beams can help boost hair growth. In this treatment, the patient’s scalp is administered to low-light laser therapy for 15-20 minutes in each session to stimulate the hair follicles. Typically, bi-weekly laser sessions are held.


Hair loss is a serious concern and should be given the required attention. Neglecting your hair loss symptoms and delaying to go to the doctor will only worsen the situation for you. So, if you face any hair thinning or hair loss problems, then you must immediately seek help from the best hair doctor in Agra. Visit Saraswat Hospital and get personalised treatments from ABHRS-certified experts.

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