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Dogs are considered man’s best friend because it is loyal to their owner, can understand human expression, and has a fragrant smell that can help them identify their owner even if the dog cannot see them. It licks your hand when it is hungry and it will decrease the chance of heart disease.

dogs are named man best friends because of their loyalty to their owner

Dogs are named man’s best friend for a reason. Loyal, faithful, and not just pets but also a part of the family in many cultures around the world, dogs have been companions to humans for thousands of years. As one can imagine, it has been easy for us to develop strong bonds with our canine companions over time; there is something comforting about having another animal at home who will always be there when you need them most. These days we live in an increasingly busy world where we often don’t have time or energy to spend with our friends—or even ourselves! But no matter how busy our lives get, whether it’s work or school or just trying to get through each day as efficiently as possible (and let’s face it: sometimes even those things aren’t enough), we still need someone else there besides us who understands what we’re feeling and puts up with all of those long hours at work while still being fun enough so that they won’t drive us crazy!

Dogs are capable of understanding human facial expressions.

Dogs are capable of understanding human facial expressions. Dogs can even detect cancer in humans thanks to their keen sense of smell. Dogs also have excellent hearing, and they may pick up on sounds that humans are completely unaware of. They know when you’re upset or happy by your tone of voice, so they will always be ready to play with you if you want them to go outside instead of watching TV all day long! Dogs understand what their owners want them to do because they understand human faces and gestures too! Dogs can recognize different expressions on human faces such as anger or fear etc., but it doesn’t mean that these emotions are only shown by humans; dogs also express themselves through body language like growling or barking at strangers entering their territory without permission from owner first before doing anything else.”

dogs have a fragrant smell which can help them to identify their owner at a distance even if the dog cannot see you.

Dogs have a very sensitive sense of smell and this helps them to identify their owners at a distance even if the dog cannot see you. It is believed that dogs can smell the owner’s scent on clothes, shoes, bags, or other objects which they have been around recently. A dog’s ability to detect a person by their scent is one of its most important survival skills as it allows them to find food sources in remote areas and avoid predators such as wolves who might be lying in wait for prey during hunting season when humans hunters are out searching for fresh meat too!

dog licks your hand when it is hungry.

Sometimes, your dog will lick your hand when it is hungry. This can happen because they are excited or happy, but also because they want attention from you. As dogs get older, their natural tendency to show affection for humans becomes stronger, so it’s important to remember that this behavior comes from the dog’s heart rather than something that has been trained into them by human behavior modification techniques such as clicker training or other training methods. Dogs love to show love and affection through licking! You should always be prepared for this type of greeting when meeting up with your pooch at home!

dogs are good for health as they will decrease the chance of heart disease.

Dogs are good for health as they will decrease the chance of heart disease. Dogs help to decrease the chance of depression, stress, and anxiety in humans. A lot of research has been done on this topic, but not all studies give equal weight to each factor. One study showed that dogs were able to reduce stress levels by almost half compared with people who did not have any pets at home.

we should respect our pets

As a pet owner, you should respect your dog’s space. For example, don’t feed them food that is not meant for dogs (like human food). Do not let them sleep in your bed; they may get sick or even die if they do! Don’t let dogs play with your food either—this can lead to an accident and cause more harm than good. If your dog accidentally swallows something out of curiosity, take him/her to the vet immediately!


dogs are loyal to their owner and they will always stick by you. They love you unconditionally and will do anything for you.

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