Amazing Destinations To Visit In Santiago

Visit In Santiago

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How many of you have been to Santiago with the purpose of exploring its beauty? If not, then it is the right time to do so. If you are in search of a complete package with all the high mountain ranges and captivating landscapes, you have to come to this place. There are awesome Amazing Destinations To Visit In Santiago. The vibrant streets, the restaurants serving some of the best cuisines in the world, and the fascinating museums attract a large number of tourists to Santiago every year.

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List of Amazing Destinations To Visit In Santiago

These are some amazing places to visit in Santiago

Cerro San Cristobal

Well, if you head towards the northern part of the city, you will come across this beautiful location. A Spanish conqueror named this pace for Saint Christopher. Also, you are going to see a statue of the Virgin Mary. Some of the main highlights and tourist-attracting spots are Santiago’s biggest park, the Chilean national zoo; Santiago Metropolitan Park;  a Japanese garden. You also get two swimming pools where you and your children can have a lot of fun.

Barrio Bellavista

This is the place where all of it is coming from. We say this because this is the place where the intellectuals and artists play and work and reside.  One of the most famous houses here is the house of Pablo Neruda. This is the most attractive place in the city with fancy restaurants, amazing boutiques, and galleries. There are many discos where you can dance your heart outs. The tree lined streets with colourful buildings make the place even more attractive just to see and observe. If you manage to get to this place during the weekends you will be lucky enough to shop from the crafts market.

Mercado Central

If you are someone who loves seafood, then you must come to this market. Well, you can be here for other stuff as well. But, seafood is the main cause of attraction to this location. You are going to get a variety of and all fresh seafood directly brought from the coastline of Chile. Apart from this, if you are not local here, and you are thinking about what you will do buying them, you have plenty of restaurants serving a variety of dishes, you can go and taste some of the famous dishes.

 Cerro Santa Lucia

Well, it is a volcano turned into a hilltop. Yes, earlier, around 15 million years ago, it was an active volcano. Also, initially, it was called the Helen. But, later the place was called the  Cerro Santa Lucia in the honour of Santa Lucia. For many centuries, it has housed many dissidents who were then considered unworthy. Mainly, the place gave shelter to people who were not Roman Catholic. 

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