AR/VR Tech: New Avenues in Mobile App Development

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Virtual and augmented reality (VR /AR) are two of the most recent technological advances in the modern age. What started out as an entirely new field of study has swiftly evolved into something we can’t go without – at least some of us.

According to TechJury, revenue for these technologies will be around $340 billion by 2028, while AR alone is projected to reach a value of over $18 million dollars in 2023.

More than ever, this is apparent in regard to mobile usage. As more and more people turn to their phones for everyday tasks or entertainment purposes, AR and VR technology has been deeply embedded into these apps.

AR/VR Enabled Mobile Apps & Their Future

This is not surprising at all considering how many benefits both technology has these days. For example, virtual reality and augmented reality help remove communication barriers, which also assist with things like creating shared spaces and translating between languages.

Meanwhile, VR enables many people to remotely attend shows and conferences visually; something that AR does too (albeit in a different way). Most importantly, augmented and virtual reality makes the customer experience more realistic; something that helps generate positive responses from consumers.

With AR nowadays letting users virtually try on clothes or view houses for sale—the enhanced experience is leading to better results for businesses worldwide. Thus, almost every AR/VR app development company is researching new ways to leverage the full potential of these technologies to enhance user experience.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) Emerging Trends

You might have heard of the term metaverse, which is not to be confused with Facebook’s recent rebranding as Meta. Simply said, the metaverse concerns augmented and virtual reality. To put it simply, brands are providing an interactive experience for their customers.

Many brands have already entered the metaverse, and user reception has been overwhelmingly positive so far. It really is a trend we think will continue, and it has the potential to become a major part of our lives.

The 5G Revolution

In the past year, 5G has become a staple for most across the globe. It currently offers speeds twenty times faster than any other current service available and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Its benefits don’t stop at just having an insanely fast connection – it also provides the opportunity to store various types of data or files that are relevant for virtual Augmented Reality (XR).

Cloud-based AR apps will now be able to exist thanks to this technology.

Types Of AR & VR Apps You Can Build

1. Gaming Apps.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are two of the fastest-growing technology sectors in the world of gaming. In 2020, this was predicted to account for $165 billion in revenue within this medium alone.

Pokemon GO was just a starting point of this popular trend that has taken over the entire gaming industry. Today, there are many apps using AR technology including The Walking Dead: Our World which is one of the highest-rated apps on both iOS and Android devices.

Today, major Android app development services include AR/VR gaming app development. So, if you want to create one, it is the right time.

2. Interior Design Apps

When we speak about interior design and VR/AR, most of us think of IKEA. This popular interior design store is now enabling AR/VR enhanced user experiences. Using the app you can visualize entire room with 3D models of the brand’s furniture.

Thanks to apps like IKEA Place, users can test their ideas in a virtual view. Also, you can understand how the company’s products fit into your place. Also, you can switch colors, calculate costs, etc.

3. AR/VR Apps For Marketing & Advertising

Also, you can create an app that would make marketing better. Creative use of these tools can increase the likelihood of purchase for consumers. There is a whole new form of entertaining content that invites more people toward a company.

Most marketers haven’t used this technology yet in their business, which gives you a chance to impress your customers and get ahead of the competition.

Wrapping Up

Virtual and augmented reality have been around for a while, but they’re still trending. Numerous companies – even just small businesses – are investing in these technologies because they can provide incredible benefits and make customer interactions on various levels more pleasant.

Now that you know all about the best ways AR and VR are being used in apps these days, it’s time to put your ideas into action. No matter how amazing your idea is, it’ll depend on who develops your app.

These technologies aren’t easy to work with—you’ll need someone very skilled to build it! Hire Android developers with a thorough understanding of VR/AR app development & related technologies.

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