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Amazon Web Services is a global leader providing cloud-based services to businesses worldwide. Adopting AWS is now one of the most critical strategic efforts for organizations worldwide to remain competitive. Amazon has begun AWS Training and certification programs in this regard. AWS-certified workers are in high demand worldwide right now. With this in mind, Koenig’s carefully planned AWS certification training at various levels will assist participants in gaining a thorough understanding of Amazon Web Services abilities through interactive instructor-led course delivery.

Amazon Web Services Certification Pathways Based on Roles

Like many other technical certification programs, AWS offers several role-based certification tracks for workers across the spectrum. This AWS role-based structure was designed to give professionals the freedom to select a relevant certification that will help them in their day-to-day job roles while demonstrating their commitment to learning new AWS Training skills related to their products and services and growing in their respective careers.

Amazon Web Services role-based certification paths are divided into four tiers based on an individual’s work function and experience: Amazon Web Services Foundational Certification, AWS Associate Certification, AWS Professional Certification, and AWS Specialty Certification.

1- Training for Amazon Web Services Foundational Level Certification

The AWS Foundational certification is intended for individuals just beginning their careers working on AWS services or products and professionals new to the cloud computing domain. Furthermore, these AWS Training level certifications suit professionals wishing to transition to the Amazon Web Services platform.

2- Training for Amazon Web Services Associate Level Certification

The AWS Associate level certification is intended for professionals with one year of experience working on the AWS cloud platform. AWS Associate certified professionals will demonstrate their technical competence to administer and operate applications using AWS technology. The following are some of the most popular AWS Associate Level certifications:

  • Architect for AWS Solutions
  • AWS SysOps Administrator AWS Developer

Training for Amazon Web Services Professional Level Certification

Individuals with two years of thorough experience creating, troubleshooting, and operating solutions using the AWS cloud are great candidates for the AWS Professional credentials. AWS Associate level credentials will be required for most AWS Professional certifications.

Professionals will benefit from getting AWS Associate level certificates before pursuing AWS Professional level certification. This way, you’ll clearly grasp your certification requirements based on your career path and AWS role-specific training. The following are some of the most popular AWS Professional certifications:

  • AWS Solutions Architect Certification
  • AWS DevOps Engineer Certification

Training for Amazon Web Services Specialty Level Certification

The Amazon Web Services Specialty certificates are designed for professionals with 2-5 years of deep technical knowledge in various AWS cloud platform disciplines. Participants must have a Foundational or Associate level certification to participate in AWS Specialty training. The following are a few of the AWS Specialty Level certifications that are highly sought after:

  • AWS Advanced Networking Certification
  • AWS Big Data Certification
  • AWS Certified Security Who is eligible to take AWS Certification Training?

AWS Certification training can assist the following job roles, among others

  • System Administrators and Cloud Administrators
  • Database Administrators Cloud Architects Solution Architects
  • Data architects, data administrators, and network administrators are all examples of data architects.
  • Developers
  • Engineers in Security
  • Professionals in Business Intelligence
  • AWS Administrators with Priority
  • Developers of software
  • Aspiring Amazon Web Services professionals
  • Is anyone interest in learning about AWS Certification training in various technologies?
  • Anyone who wishes to pass their various AWS certification tests
  • Reasons to Choose Koenig Solutions for AWS Certification Courses
  • A comprehensive selection of Amazon Web Services (AWS) certification courses, including the Foundational, Associate, Professional, and Specialty levels.
  • Begin your AWS Certifications journey with Amazon Web Services Cloud and other relevant technologies.
  • Instructors who are experts in AWS and hands-on labs to assist students prepare for and pass their relevant certification tests
  • AWS Certification course content is develop by SMEs and is update regularly.
  • AWS Certification training can be obtain via an AWS Training Partner.
  • Get dates that are flexible for both public workshops and corporate training programs.
  • Participate in industry-leading training with 4-hour/daytime windows on weekends and weekdays.
  • Multiple learning styles, including 1-on-1 instruction for individualized attention
  • Participate in AWS Certification sessions that are ‘Guarantee to Run’ with an ‘Exam Pass Guarantee.’
  • Maintain your relevance by taking well-recognized AWS certification training classes.

The Advantages of AWS Certification Training

Demonstrate your dedication to your profession by pursuing AWS Course in various technologies.
Earn more money in any industry segment around the world. According to the IT Skills and Salary Report, the average salary for an AWS-certified IT Professional is roughly USD 137,000 per year. Salary ranges vary according to geography, employment role, and experience.

AWS Training Courses provide a versatile career path with role-based certification paths in Foundational, Associate, Professional, and Specialty.
Prepare for the future by staying current on where business operations are shifting to cloud and other hybrid settings. Amazon Web Services certification training allows you to distinguish yourself from your peers.

Discover new opportunities to advance your career with highly recognized AWS certification courses.
Get comprehensive training materials to help you earn your AWS Certification badges. The Amazon Web Services materials include guides, whitepapers, case studies, documentation, and instructor-led training.

Create meetings, conferences, and other professional gatherings to strengthen your network with other AWS-certified professionals worldwide.
Gain more projects by becoming an Amazon Web Services Certified Professional. But with a thorough understanding of associated AWS technologies.

Enterprises can join the well-known Amazon Web Services Partner Network (APN) by training professionals in Amazon Web Services certification courses.
Individuals can enroll in AWS Subject Matter Expert programs to comprehensively understand. So AWS services and feature sets.

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