Benefits of Floor Varnishes for Wood Product Cleaning

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Floor varnish is an effective and versatile floor care product that provides many benefits to commercial and residential spaces. These benefits include good cleanability due to the time-released nature of the product, as well as being low maintenance, durable, and resistant to scratches or other surface damage. Floor varnishes also provide a protective barrier from dirt and grime while eliminating tracking in carpets. Wood Care Products offers the broadest selection of varnishes on the market, providing customers with a clean, durable finish for their floors. Various colors, finish, and textures are available to suit any situation.

Why Choose Floor Varnishes?

1. Provides a Durable Finish

The finish that varnishes leave on wood floors is a rich, smooth coating that resists dirt and grime, keeping the floor looking clean for longer. Floor varnishes can be applied to various surfaces, including wood, laminate, and faux-wood flooring. A varnish finish offers protection against scratches and scuff marks and comes in multiple colors to suit any flooring need.

2. Long Lasting Protection

Varnishes are time-released and release dye in a pattern of small beads. That process allows the product to change color and form without leaving a sticky residue or creating unsightly stains on floors. Clear varnishes can be left on the floor indefinitely, providing a long-lasting finish with minimal maintenance.

3. Lightweight Maintenance

Floor varnishes are:

  • Relatively lightweight products.
  • Weighing in at between 18 and 25 pounds per gallon.
  • Depending on the specific product.

It means you can maintain the floors without worrying about the extra weight, making them a more economical alternative to sanding.

4. Unique Coverage

Varnishes are delivered in a liquid form and are applied using spray equipment. That makes it very easy to apply, as any number of employees can handle the process while it is being done, eliminating the need for any special training.

Sanding Discs for Wood Finishing

  1. Ideal for All Types of Floors

Sanding discs for wood floors are designed to cover large sections of wood and are made from a blend of natural fibers. You can use them on most surfaces, including laminate, tile, and concrete. You can use these products in areas that may not be exposed to excessive wear and tear, such as libraries or science labs.

2. Use on Any Surface

These discs can be used on virtually any surface, including concrete, tile, vinyl, ceramic, and many other materials. They offer a consistent pattern and finish that can be applied to almost any finish. That allows them to cover both high-traffic areas and low-traffic areas as needed.

3. Offer Tough Protection

Sanding discs are constructed from a blend of natural fibers resistant to wear, tear, and minimal damage. That makes them suitable for use on floors that tend to take a heavy beating. You can also use them on surfaces with limited recoat ability, such as concrete or vinyl.

4. You Can Use It on Wallpaper Too

Sanding discs are designed to work with the same style and texture of wallpaper as they do on hardwood floors. It means that beds can be made more resistant to wear and tear by covering them with a layer of relatively inexpensive paper.

Cleaning Pads and Other Floor Care Products

1. Specialized in Floor Care

Cleaning pads and other floor care products were constructed to provide a layer of protection to floors and help reduce maintenance. They can be used on wood, tile, and concrete, giving them the versatility to be used in almost any location. They are resistant to scratches, scuffs, and other damage that may occur during cleaning or varnishing activities.

2. Offers an All-Purpose Cleaner

These pads and other floor care products are designed to act as general-purpose floor cleaners that you can use on most surfaces. They will remove powder, dirt, oil, and grime from virtually any surface while leaving a rich coat of protection to reduce the potential for scratches and damage. That means you can use them in areas where maintenance is not required, such as offices and libraries.

3. Perfect for Heavy-Use Areas

Cleaning pads and other floor care products can withstand high levels of wear and tear, making them ideal for use in areas exposed heavily to movement, such as warehouses. They provide a durable surface that is resistant to damage and can be used repeatedly without experiencing significant loss of performance.

4. You Can use it on Walls Too

While they are designed primarily for use on floors, cleaning pads can also be used to clean any wall surface. They remove grime, dirt, and dust, leaving a residue-free surface that is resistant to damage and easy to maintain.


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