Best Attractions To See In Belgium

See In Belgium

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The tourists might find Belgium a small place, but it does not compromise on offering enough space to enjoy and explore for visitors. Europe’s history is incomplete without Belgium. However, no matter whether you are interested in ancient or modern history, you are going to see some major spots here in Belgium. So, if you wish to know some best attractions to see in Belgium, you can find an ample amount of information in this blog.

List of Attraction to visit in Belgium:

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Grand Place:

Aslo called La Grand Place is lined with guide halls and many other buildings. All these buildings and rimmed guide halls display the amazing architecture of Belgium at its best. One side of the building highlights the medieval town halls reflecting the Gothic architecture. The place is busy with visitors all through the year. But it is seen that every alternate August, the square is filled with a flower carpet. 

The Battlefields of Flanders:

Most of the time, it is seen that the mainland of World War 1 or especially the Battlefields of Flanders are the main reasons for the visitors to come here.  Moreover, the field or the destination is not important because of the battlefields. Rather, it is a pilgrimage also. The reason behind this is that a large part of the field is dedicated to the graves of the soldiers of the country. 

Belfry of Mons:

The Belfry of Mons is one of the newest belfries when it comes to France or Belgium. Visitors can ascend the stairs to the observation platform at the summit for sweeping city views. The 15th-century Brabant Gothic Collegiate Church of Sainte-Waudru is located at the base of the hill.

Canal in Bruges:

When it comes to the history of Bruges, canals and connecting waterways play a major role. So, taking a boat ride to see different historical sights in Bruges is another fun activity.  Bruges stands adjacent to River Reenie. So this is the main canal in the city center/. If you wish to go for such rides, you need to book your tickets for somewhere between March to November. 

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Why forget beaches? Yes, if you are a beach lover, you are going to find some of them in Belgium as well. Among all of them, Knokke-Heist is the most known one. The town’s 12-kilometer coastline features four beaches in addition to various walking, hiking, and cycling trails that meander among the dunes. Visitors will discover that there are an incredible amount of art galleries in Knokke.

Therefore these places will take you to the history of Belgium. However, there are more places apart from historical sites. So, you can explore them as well.

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