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by krooz

In general, the Website Designer will always keep an eye on the fact that it’s not only about an attractive design for the website, but it’s also about the functional aspects of the site beyond its design. From the very beginning in the design phase, it is imperative to improve the design of the website by scaling images to the appropriate size. This will reduce the time it takes to load after it has been implemented and in production

The outcome that comes from the effort of a website designer is a graphic web interface.

A Website Developers Approach

A website developer is a different kind of person who takes website development from a different perspective. He is able to approach the project from an engineering perspective and will think of “How the website will work”. He is the one who takes over from the point where the Website Designer has finished.

As Website Designers, Web Developers UI/UX Web Design must be aware of the primary goal. This will help him make use of the best techniques to get the most effective outcomes. When he received the graphic web interface He uses programming languages like PHP, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and C# to code functionality to the site and create an interactive experience. When you click on the contact button on the site the website responds by redirecting you to the Contact page.

There are three sides to web development that a web developer has to deal with

Client-side Web developer creates scripts in code that allow the website to function and run in a browser that is part of the server. Have a look at the slideshow that is moving on the Frontrow Design Studios Online Website to see how it can move through photos and slides when they do, the website needed the Best affordable SEO services to be developed with client-side scripting. Also, when you click down note the way that you can see how the Frontrow Design Studios Online Logo alters. This means that the experience you experience while browsing the website is the result of web developers’ programming. The code runs once the website has been loaded on your device. E.g. HTML, JavaScript and jQuery

Server Side

The web developer creates scripts to make the website accessible behind the scenes. The coded script runs on the server hosting the website, it is not running on your PC, which is why it’s given the title Server side. Imagine a website that requires you to sign in. The code is stored on a web server, and it is based on your request e.g. pressing “login” it runs the script to respond to your request. However, it runs the script on the back end.


In the end, what do we have learned?

A Website Designer addresses clients’ needs by creating a user interface that is graphically designed for the website. The focus is on the design as well as the feeling site.

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