Best Things To Know About The Urgent Care Clinic

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Arleta urgent care Los Angeles clinic belongs to a group of healthcare facilities called walk-in. The facility operates outside the emergency room, and the type of injuries or ailments catered for are not severe.  Arleta urgent care doctors can cater to broken bones and fractures. They can take x-rays, perform physical exams, and more. One advantage of this clinic is that you will enjoy affordable services and a shorter waiting period. Learn more on urgent care clinic los angeles in this article.

Types of Services Provided at Arleta Urgent Care Clinic

Urgent care clinic is known to offer treatment for non-life-threatening ailments. But the prominent cases brought up are ailments and injuries that are not severe. Here are some services provided at Urgent care clinic Los Angeles. Keep reading.

1. Pediatric Care Services

If you have a two-year-old or above, you need to have an Arleta urgent care clinic location in mind. And this is because kids at this age are prone to injuries and ailments. Arleta, urgent care clinic, has a pediatrician responsible for treating children. The treatment rooms are equipped with specialized tools to cater to the needs of patients. You can have any member of your family get treated at Arleta urgent care clinic. Our whole staff has received enough training and has years of experience in dealing with pediatric medical care. Our doctors, therefore, will offer practical and gentle pediatric care.

2. Ear Infections

Ear infections can affect both kids and adults. But kids are most prone to them. Most earaches or infections are complex to treat at home. Therefore, you need to visit Arleta urgent care Los Angeles to get immediate treatment and go back home feeling happy.

3. Sprains and Strains

Suppose you suffer from sprain and strains, and you should get treatment at Arleta urgent care clinic. These two conditions have minor differences because they have similar signs and symptoms. You will receive specialized and fast therapy at our clinic compared to emergency rooms. We have specialized nurses and doctors to handle testing and treat your infection effectively.

4. Minor Burns and Injuries

If you have minor injuries, fractures, and cuts, you will get faster treatment at urgent care Los Angeles. Arleta, urgent care clinic, offers treatment of non-severe injuries and conditions. The clinic can cater to minor burns. The door will use antibiotic cream during the treatment to stop the infection.

5. Mild Asthma

Both children and adults get affected by asthma which can develop at any time—the symptoms associated with mild to severe symptoms. People with mild asthma display symptoms such as wheezing, shortness of breath, and coughs. And if you have any of the above symptoms and suspect asthma. The best option is to seek treatment at Arleta urgent care Los Angeles.

6. Fever or Flu

A cold or a cough results from a runny nose, sore throat, or congestion. The difference between a cold and the flu is usually tricky because the symptoms are similar. To quickly tell their difference, you need to check the temperature. You have the flu if you are experiencing a fever or high temperatures. Seek quick medical help at Arleta clinic before the symptoms become severe.

7. Animal Bites

Mostly, people get bitten by animals on the arms, legs, or face. Make sure to always take caution each time you are near animals. Children are frequent victims of animal bites. Therefore, if anyone in your family experiences animal bites, seek medical help at our clinic.


Urgent care clinic Los Angeles is the best place to get immediate services at affordable costs. You can access our services without insurance because our services are affordable. At Arleta urgent care clinic, you will receive treatment at a shorter waiting period once you walk into the clinic. We have extended hours to enable patients to seek the best medical help. This makes your life easier because we aim to provide the best treatment regardless of your medical history.


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