Bike Riding Accessories: Gear Up For Your Next Ride

by triptirajput

If there’s one thing about motorbikes that every rider should be particular about, it is the bike riding accessories. Being equipped with the right type of accessories is what you need for a safe journey on road. Apart from ensuring maximum safety for the rider, a lot of bike accessories are also meant to add to their comfort and style quotient.

What are the Different Bike Riding Accessories that Ensure Maximum Benefits

Riders across the country have begun prioritizing bike riding accessories and the increasing number of road accidents tops the list. This is the reason why bike riding accessory manufacturers have started putting special care when designing their products, keeping in mind the rider’s safety.


When it comes to riding accessories, nothing can beat the practicality and functionality of rider’s helmets. Helmets are undoubtedly the most important accessory when you are riding a bike apart from other important accessories like a phone pouch for bike. They act as the first line of defence when ensuring maximum safety for the rider on the road. Wearing helmets become crucial, as it keeps your head and body safe from accidents. 

Apart from safety, helmets only add to the style and comfort of the rider. Thanks to the availability of different helmets in the markets like full-face, flip-up, open-face, etc. riders can now choose helmets based on their preference and need.

Riding Gloves

Riding gloves are one of the must-have bike touring accessories when planning a long tour on your bike. Your bike gear is incomplete without the addition of this particular accessory. Apart from keeping your hands safe from minor injuries, they also ensure better grip during long bike tours. In addition, a good pair of bike gloves is also what you need to complete your style statement. 

Bike Backrest

If you are one such rider who doesn’t travel solo but enjoys the company of a pillion rider, then a bike backrest is a must-buy. The bike backrest is just one of the bike riding accessories you need for that extra level of comfort for pillions. While some bikes already come with a backrest, others need you to install one if you need it.

Tire Hugger

While we all enjoy driving through the off-tracks and remote locations in and around the city, nobody quite loves the mud splashes on their bike’s exterior. Watching your dirt and debris-filled bike tyres is the last thing you want to witness as a rider, especially during the rainy season. This is where tire huggers come into the picture which you fit on your bike’s rear side to prevent stone and dirt attacks on your tire. The easy-to-clean accessory can also improve the look of the bikes.

Bike Handlebars

The bike handlebar’s grip and shape play an integral part in determining the rider’s posture on their bikes. Besides, this accessory can also be to the comfort level besides its aesthetic appeal. There is a variety of bike handlebars that you can choose from each of which are designed to tweak the rider’s grip to facilitate particular handling characteristics.

Bike Horns

Innovative and powerful bike horns are extremely useful when it comes to making your way through erratic and heavy traffic. If your bike didn’t come with a good horn, then it is time to invest in it as one of the highly-functional bike riding accessories. If chosen right, bike horns can help you reach your meeting destination quickly besides preventing you from all types of road mishaps.

Handle Risers

Not all riding problems start with wind chills or basic aches but also with handling. If you aren’t comfortable in your newly-bought bike, doesn’t mean that you might have to leave riding them forever but rather invest in a useful accessory like handle risers. You can fit the risers between the bike’s handlebars to raise them. You can get handle risers in a plethora of materials, shapes and heights.

Tail Tidy

Tail tidy is the quickest way of adding to your bike’s style quotient. Just replace your bike’s tail section with this accessory that is made for a variety of bike models. The tail tidy is one such stylish accessory that you can easily install and comes in a compact design. They are the best accessory which can help your bike to stand out and are one of the most budget-friendly options for customizing your bike.

All of the above-mentioned bike riding accessories make your riding experience much smoother, more comfortable and more stylish than before. Riding a bike might be a leisurely activity for you but it can also pose a threat to your safety and health if you aren’t equipped with the right type of accessories. The compilation of the bike riding accessories mentioned above will help you make optimal use of the bike besides keeping you safe on the road.

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