BTnet Offers the UK’s First Dedicated Leased Line For Business

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BTnet offers the UK’s first dedicated leased line for business, with guaranteed network speeds and a connection that never drops. This high-speed line is ideal for business users, allowing them to host video calls, run cloud applications, and use Wi-Fi without any interruptions. BTnet is 100% dedicated to your business, making it the perfect choice for businesses.

Excess construction charges

Excess construction charges (ECC) are charges that are incurred when new connections are made to a business’s leased line. These costs can range from a few hundred pounds to several thousand pounds Leased Line For Business. The amount of the ECC will depend on the specific circumstances of the connection, and the extent of any engineering work.

Excess construction charges can include a wide range of different costs, including digging trenches, ducting, and time. In some cases, leased line providers will absorb a portion of the costs associated with installation. In others, they will pass along some of the cost to the customer. The customer can then decide whether to accept the charges or cancel their order.

Excess construction charges are a common reason for excessive costs associated with a leased line. Typically, these costs are much higher than other types of internet services. In some cases, they can amount to hundreds of pounds per month.


For businesses that want to grow, the speeds of a leased line can boost productivity. These lines can support high bandwidth and symmetrical download and upload speeds, meaning that they’re ideal for businesses that deal with a lot of data. They also ensure business continuity by reducing disruptions and enabling seamless communication between multiple locations.

The speeds of leased lines vary, but generally range from 1 Mbps to 10 Gbps. The average leased line speed is around 2Mbps, although 10 Mbps and 100 Mbps connections are becoming more popular. Although leased lines are usually more expensive than other connection services, they offer a dedicated connection for business. As downloads and uploads have equal speeds, they’re ideal for data transfer, multimedia streaming, and remote access to employees.

Another benefit of leased line services is that they feature a continuous monitoring of the main network. Performance parameters such as latency and upload speed are monitored to ensure a consistent speed for each user. Additionally, leased lines offer flexibility in terms of bandwidth, as businesses can adjust the speed to meet their specific needs.


When considering a leased line for your business, you should choose one that provides the speed and reliability you require. Businesses that need the speed of a leased line include those that need to process data in milliseconds or faster, such as financial services firms. Other candidates for a leased line include those that rely on fast customer responses or need to be able to execute complex trading strategies. A leased line is also useful for VoIP systems and network applications.

Businesses today are increasingly relying on the speed and reliability of the internet to conduct business. A leased line provides a secure, high-performance connection that ensures data security. It’s also flexible and scalable, which means that it can be expanded as your business needs it.

A leased line provides businesses with symmetrical upload and download speeds, which is important for sharing large files, using cloud services, accessing VPNs, hosting websites, and managing online sales. Another benefit of a leased line is that the latency is very low. This is crucial for business applications because even fractional lag can cause major problems.

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