Buyer Guide for a Star Wars Darksaber Mandalorian


A Mandalorian Dark saber is seen as a very powerful leadership symbol to Mandalorians. It’s a unique weapon with a crackling edge and black-energy blades. Many Star War fans like having the Mandalorian lightsaber as it gives them the quality and realism they want. Mandalorian lightsabers are available in different designs and sizes. It’s upon you to decide what you want to get. It can be quite confusing trying to figure out the best option especially if it’s your first time buying a lightsaber or if you lack adequate information on lightsabers.

What to Look for When Buying a Darksaber Mandalorian

Below are the things you should have in mind when purchasing a Star Wars darksaber Mandalorian;

  1. Type of Blade Lights

Owning a dark saber Mandalorian lightsaber is something to be proud of and therefore, it’s very important to buy one that fits your preference. Before you decide on the type of lightsaber you intend to buy make sure you are okay with the design. Have in mind your combat style and know whether it matches the lightsaber. different lightsaber designs work well with different combat forms. The upgraded dark saber Mandalorian allows you to choose a combination of colors for your blades. When in contact the blades change colors which makes the lightsabers vibrate giving a real weapon vibe.

  1. General Design

Another key point to have in mind when buying a dark saber Mandalorian is the general design. Mostly consider the appearance and nature of the hilt. Mainly the hilt is made from metal or plastic. When you decide to buy a lightsaber with a plastic hilt make sure it’s strong enough. The length of the hilt should be long enough to allow easy handling. A metallic hilt is a better option as it’s strong enough and will last longer.

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  1. Source of Power

Most Star Wars darksaber Mandalorian is electric or battery-powered. The most common batteries used are AA batteries. The batteries are available in the market. The lightsaber should have a charging port to plug the charger or change the batteries. The blades require enough power to function. Some lightsabers come packed together with the batteries but for some, you will have to buy the battery separately.

  1. Total Cost

There are many types of lightsabers sold in the market. As a first-time buyer, it can be a challenge to decide on the best one to buy. If you have never had any experience with a lightsaber, it’s always advisable to consult an expert to know what exactly to look for. Prices vary from vendor to vendor. Take your time and compare prices so that you can get the lowest price possible. Some sellers offer discounts and commissions to new clients and you don’t want to miss out on that. However, don’t compromise on quality in a bid to save money. Some will offer free shipping while with some vendors you will have to pay for the shipping fee. All these factors will determine the total cost.

Having in mind the above factors when purchasing a Mandalorian darksaber replica will make your work easy and help you get the best product.

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