Causes and control measures of high temperature diseases in aquaculture

Learn about the causes of disease during hot seasons:

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Learn about the causes of disease during hot seasons:

1. During the high temperature period, due to the hot air temperature and high water temperature, the organisms in the water are in a period of rapid growth, especially the growth and reproduction of microorganisms is even more vigorous, so bacterial diseases are the main diseases during this period;

2. Due to the high water temperature, aquaculture Animals are also in a period of rapid growth. Fish and shrimp have strong food intake, open appetite, and eat a lot. Therefore, hepatobiliary syndrome is also the main disease during this period

. However, the dissolved oxygen in the lower layer of the water is often insufficient, mainly due to thermal stratification, a large amount of oxygen consumption by the bottom microorganisms, and a large amount of feed. disease.

Diseases during high temperature periods often do not occur singly, but occur comprehensively. That is, the above three conditions occur at the same time or more diseases occur at the same time. Therefore, when the disease occurs, it is quite difficult to control the disease at once.

How to take preventive measures?

1. Reduce water temperature:
You can reduce the water temperature by changing the water; build a shading shed or a shading net; accelerate the flow of the water body, such as opening more aerators; urea and other products that can cool down, but the disadvantage is to increase the ammonia nitrogen content of the water body, only Used as emergency cooling.

2. Reduce the accumulation of ammonia nitrogen, nitrite and other harmful substances: On the one hand, beneficial bacteria such as  lactic acid bacteria  and  bacillus  should be taken orally, which can reduce the emission of ammonia nitrogen, nitrite and other harmful substances in the feed.
one hand, reduce the amount of feed feeding; Those who can change the water can change the water regularly; regularly use microbial preparations, such as photosynthetic bacteria, EM bacteria, etc., to control the accumulation of ammonia nitrogen and nitrite in the water body; regularly use carbon source products to promote nitrogen with carbon, so that beneficial microorganisms consume water nitrogen source.

3. Reduce the use of oxygen-consuming microorganisms: On the
one hand, the extensive use of oxygen-consuming microorganisms, such as Bacillus, will cause the water body with insufficient dissolved oxygen to have lower dissolved oxygen, which will seriously flood the pond; on the other hand, oxygen-consuming microorganisms are growing A lot of heat is produced during reproduction, which makes the water temperature higher and the dissolved oxygen lower.

4. Increase the dissolved oxygen in the bottom layer:
turn on more aerators, especially at noon, let the bottom water rise to the surface layer to increase the dissolved oxygen in the bottom layer; add aerobic equipment such as oxygen-enhancing nanotubes in the bottom layer to increase the dissolved oxygen in the bottom layer; in the evening or at night Oxygenation products can be used to increase the underlying dissolved oxygen.

5. Control the feeding amount of feed:
Do not let the fish and shrimp eat too much. Generally, only 70% to 80% full is enough. Especially in bad weather such as high temperature and heavy rain, you should reduce the feeding amount, or stop feeding once a week. , let the fish and shrimp rest properly. Don’t think that you will grow up faster if you eat more. That’s when you don’t get sick. Once you get sick, you will die faster if you eat more.

Adhering to the above 3 minus 1 plus 1 control can effectively prevent the occurrence of diseases during high temperature periods. Remember that diseases can only be prevented, but difficult to treat, and in the process of treatment, the losses are also very large. Therefore, preventive measures must be taken to minimize the occurrence of diseases. Don’t know regret when fish and shrimp get sick, it’s already too late.

14 major effects of “Green Water Poison King”, a commonly used product in high temperature seasons

1. Detoxification: used for detoxification of high ammonia nitrogen and heavy metals (copper, zinc, etc.) exceeding the standard.

2. Rapid degradation of ammonia nitrogen toxicity: When the ammonia nitrogen content in the water is high, it will inhibit the fish from expelling ammonia nitrogen from the body, and the concentration of ammonia nitrogen in the fish blood will increase. Ammonia is a highly toxic and highly permeable compound. It is also harmful at very low concentrations. If the concentration of ammonia in the blood exceeds 1%, fish will die. This product can quickly degrade ammonia nitrogen toxicity.

2. Protection of algae: When the environment is bad, algae will cause poisoning, poor growth and death. After using “Pond Jieduling”, it can quickly detoxify and protect algae.

3. Reduce stress response: reduce the stress response caused by unfavorable environments such as high ammonia nitrogen and nitrite content, high breeding density, low oxygen content, and sudden changes in water temperature.

4. Improve the dissolved oxygen in the pond: When the pond is deficient in oxygen, the fish and shrimp are prone to hypoxia and floating. This product is liquid, with rich foam. Wherever the foam goes, the dissolved oxygen will increase immediately. It is used for pond hypoxia first aid.

5. Living water, increase the energy of the water: After using this product, the energy of the water is increased, the water becomes a highly oxidized state, the water becomes active, the oxygen enters the pond, and the toxic gas diffuses into the air.

6. Remove oil film: There are oil film and algae film in the pond. Wherever the foam goes after being splashed, the oil film disappears immediately.

7. Decomposition of cyanobacterial toxins: After the death of cyanobacteria, a large amount of toxins are released, which can easily lead to the death of fish, and in the case of more algal toxins, it is difficult for beneficial algae to grow and water to be fertilized. Using “Green Water Toxin King” can quickly decompose cyanobacterial toxins, and beneficial algae can easily become the dominant species in the pond.

8. Water purification and bottom improvement: After this product is used, flocculate particles and organic matter, the water becomes clear, and the transparency of the water body increases. When the content of ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, and hydrogen sulfide is too high, or when the water quality suddenly becomes clear, white, red, black, or after rain, the water quality and bottom quality can be improved, and the survival rate of seed and adult fish can be improved. .

9. Improve rust water: used for water quality treatment when rust is too high due to groundwater, industrial, pesticide, domestic sewage discharge or sediment. When the rust is too high, the water often turns light yellow, and obvious rust can be seen at the water outlet.

10. Reduce the pH value of the water body and stabilize the water quality: It can quickly reduce the high pH value, stabilize the pH value of the pool water and stabilize the water quality when used before seedlings and during the breeding process.

11. Improve bottom heat: the use of aging ponds can avoid the phenomenon of water layer and bottom heat generation; for sea cucumber breeding ponds, the effect of melting ice or oxygen deficiency at the bottom, the heat of decay generated at the bottom is particularly obvious.

12. Before and after the rain, this product will help stabilize the water quality, stabilize the water, prevent the fish from floating, and the water will not change color after the rain;

13. The water in the shrimp pond is mixed, and the water is mixed after stirring the water body. The effect of this product is particularly good;

14. For heavy metals with high groundwater content, use this product to hang it at the water outlet or the whole pool and sprinkle it to reduce or eliminate the toxicity of heavy metals.

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