Choose the right facial according to your skin type

by Shrishti khairwal

Types Of Facial According To Skin: If you get any facial done, stop! You should choose facials according to your skin type. Taking care of the skin is very important. Even after regular face wash, moisturizer, and night cream on the skin, the skin needs extra care, so it is necessary to do facials to keep the skin young and glowing. But you must have noticed that we choose face wash or cream, according to the skin, but when it comes to getting facials, we get any facial done on the skin. This is the reason that many times, even after spending a lot of money on facials in parlors or salons, you do not get the desired results. Actually, there is a different facial for every skin type. By doing the right facial, the complexion of the skin becomes clear, as well as skin becomes glowing. Let’s know how to choose facials according to skin type –  Dermatologist in Dehradun provides specialist services in face and body care. We are dedicated to the aesthetics of the skin and everything that goes with it.


Oily skin

Many types of problems keep happening on oily skin. Additionally, oily skin often results in pimples, acne, and blackheads, and sometimes the complexion seems suppressed as a result, so to enhance this skin, choose a facial that is herbal and has skin-friendly properties. If there are properties such as neem and turmeric present in the facial, then it will be more beneficial.


Dry skin

Due to dry skin, the skin looks very dry, due to which the face looks very dull, usually even after using a lot of products on dry skin, there is no glow of any kind because, after makeup, the makeup starts cracking due to dryness. . In such a situation, people with dry skin type should choose such a facial, which is hydrating. Deep-hydration facials help to remove blemishes and pimples along with moisturizing the skin. Those with dry skin can also opt for fruit facials as they will moisturize the skin.


Normal skin

People with normal skin types can choose any type of facial. If there is a problem with pimples on the face, then choose herbal facials. On the other hand, if there is a problem with freckles or dark circles, then choose a facial, which has properties like turmeric and saffron. People with normal skin should get such a facial done on the face, which contains alpha hydroxy acid. It helps in making the skin glowing by cleansing the skin from the inside.


Sensitive skin

For women with sensitive skin, such facials are recommended, which clean the skin without harming it. This type of skin should be treated with greater care than any other skin type as over-use of chemicals on sensitive skin can cause irritation. Herbal or fruit facials can also be done on this skin. A facial helps to remove skin problems by giving new energy to the skin. Facials on time remove the problems of aging signs, pimples, and freckles on the skin. But keep in mind that before doing any facial, do a patch test.

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