Concealer Techniques & Where You’re Going Wrong

Concealer is among the makeup products that transform your mood;

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Concealer is among the makeup products that transform your mood; it’s been known to be used to sculpt, snatch and of course conceal. It’s been used to cover up any trace of late-night pizza-themed celebrations previously. But, if it’s used improperly it could cause you to look tired, and can also highlight lines, or highlight the skin’s texture.

To elevate your concealer game up to an artist level, here are some of the most frequent (but simple to fix) concealer mistakes , as well as the methods you should use instead. Make yourself ready for a full-on concealer training course..

The #1 mistake: You’re using the Wrong Shade

Finding the perfect shade for your complexion is vital and can be a major moment with concealer. In reality, you may think about having two shades of concealer in your bag. One to lighten the undereyes and shape your face. The other shade is another exact match that will cover all skin imperfections and blend seamlessly with the foundation or natural skin complexion.

The correct method first, you must think about your undertone. Most products have a cool, warm or neutral undertone that will correspond to the tone of your skin. Most brands will describe this as red or gold (warm) or blue (cold) or neutral, which means that you have cool and warm tones. Once you’ve figured this out it is possible to find the shade that best matches your skin tone better Look to see these words at the bottom of a shade’s name or number that indicate the undertone that is G (warm) or R (warm) and B (cool) and (neutral). (neutral).

To hide blemishes or to conceal pigmentation, look for the closest shade to your foundation. This implies that the thing you wish to hide will blend easily and not be noticeable.

For a brighter undereye or shape: Select an eyeshadow that’s 2 shades lighter in comparison to your foundation creating the illusion of a more full-looking skin tone and reduce shadows that appear under the eyes.

The 2 nd mistake is that you’re using too much concealer

Our concealer application has taken us on a journey through the years. There is no longer a time that we applied your concealer using a large triangle on our eyes. This typically caused creasing, and we’ll admit it, caking. The use of too much concealer just increases the likelihood of creasing, it can create wrinkles and lines. It’s good to know that we can be much more careful when it comes to the placement of our concealers and can tailor our application based on the style we’re looking for and the formulation we’re applying.

Brightening the undereye area The three-dot method below the eye works to cover dark circles and to brighten the area of the undereye without appearing like cakey. Be careful not to put the cream on too near to the lower line of the lashes because it can cause your eyes to appear smaller. A little natural shadow underneath the lash line may cause your eyes to appear larger.

To snatch: If your a lover of beauty most likely, you’re acquainted with the new concealer method that draws the eye to create a more fresh and brighter final appearance. If there’s no… DW, we’ve got you covered! Begin by placing a tiny amount of concealer underneath the corner of your eye (dragging the concealer upwards and toward the back of your eyebrow) In the inner corner as well as behind your mouth, in the vicinity of the nostril, and beneath the cheekbones. Blend it outwards using a moist concealer brush or makeup sponge. When you blend, make sure not to pull your sponge because this could cause it to alter the coverage and cause it to be less effective. Instead, gently apply pressure to the skin with tiny tapping movements.

For a natural, smooth, wrinkle-free result If the dark circles you have focus on the inside of your tear duct (like many of us) it is possible that you don’t have to apply concealer to the outside corner of your eyes. The extremely skilled MUA, Wayne Goss (a real expert in the field of beauty) explains in the video below, it may cause your eyes to appear smaller, and increase the chance of over-exaggerating wrinkles. To conceal your eyes application, just apply a tiny dot of concealer under the corner of your eye and blend it outwards.

Make a Mistake #3: Applying your concealer using the wrong Concealer Tool

It shouldn’t be it as a shock that the concealer tool is an additional aspect to think about and based on the concealer tool you could achieve a fuller coverage or a natural appearance. For instance, if employ a moist makeup sponge and an full coverage concealer that will spread out the coverage, creating an appearance that is more natural and skin-like.

Depending on the type of coverage you want You can try these methods:

Brushes to apply full cover concealer applications: If would like an even more full coverage, you can use a concealer brush , and gently massage the product into your skin. Blend outwards to give a seamless appearance. Our favorite tool? Domed-shape using densely packed synthetic fibers that effortlessly buff concealer into skin for a an organic, second-skin-like finish.

Makeup sponges to give natural skin-finish for a more luminous look, a moist sponge is the most effective. Apply the concealer to your skin and then rub the moist makeup sponge over it to blend it into. Even if you’re using brushes using a makeup sponge as the final step will give the most airbrushed look. If you’re looking for more coverage , but still have the airbrushed appearance you can let the concealer dry for a few minutes before applying it with the sponge.

Fingers for coverage and an unnatural look: The result is natural since the warmth of your fingers will heat up the concealer, allowing it to blend easily into the skin. No matter what you do, don’t pull the product around or pull it against the skin because this could make the concealer appear streaky. Make sure to gently press the skin instead.

Tips for applying makeup to pimples: when covering pimples, be sure to apply the foundation first. Apply a thin application of foundation, or use a tinted moisturizing product prior applying the concealer. Be aware that it’s better to apply the concealer in a gradual manner beginning by applying a thin layer. allow it to sit for a while, and then use a brush , or moist sponge to mix, and repeat if you require more coverage. For a long-lasting, durable application, cover your concealer by dusting it lightly with powder. More on the topic in the future…

The 4th Mistake Don’t Set Your Concealer

Setting your concealer can be a crucial factor that can make or break your look. If you do not set your the concealer, it will be more likely to move into wrinkles and fine lines and then crease over the course of the day. Setting your liquid foundation products with powder will also aid in smoothing and brightening the skin to give it a perfect finish that lasts the entire through the day.


The 5th Mistake The Concealer is dryingor Caking

A frequent concern about concealers that we encounter is “my concealer appears dry or cakey” this could be a result of naturally dry skin in this region or the lack of creaminess or a drier formula or that the skin isn’t prepared properly.

The best method is to use the right technique if you notice that concealer appears like it’s dry, opt for hydrating and creamy blends since the additional surge of moisture can give your skin a plump appearance and prevent concealer from appearing dry or becoming sagging lines.

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