Do The Results Of The Pap Smear Test Have Significance?

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A Pap smear helps in starting an early treatment if the patient has precancerous or cancerous cells. This test has saved millions of lives and continues to do so. The test is performed by an OB/GYN or gynaecologist in an outpost-patient clinic or the doctor’s private office. It is to fully ensure the privacy of their patients. Tests like HPV are also taken while conducting a Pap smear test. This test is important to detect diseases like STDs which, if left untreated, can cause cervical cancer. Also, north hills Pap Smear results will let you know if you are safe or need further testing.

What is meant by a Pap smear test?

The test which is used to detect cervical cancer is known as a Pap smear test or Papanicolaou test. The test is taken by an OB/GYN, where your privacy is fully ensured. The OB/GYN will collect the sample from our cervical area using a swab or soft brush. The test outcomes were then sent to a laboratory. Besides this, the test is used to diagnose other infections and diseases like inflammation of the cervical area, etc.

When do you need a Pap smear test?

A Pap smear test is first taken for women at the age of 21, and the development of the cervix area is completed till this stage. The test can be taken before that; there is no age limit. If a girl is experiencing symptoms of cervical cancer before 21, she should go to an urgent care facility and get her first Pap smear test done by a gynaecologist. However, after 30, the test is a must to take as women have more chances of developing some diseases which can cause abnormal cell activity in the cervix and cause cervical cancer. Such a disease is a Sexually transmitted disease. As the name state, the disease is transferred from one to another during sexual intimacy.

Individuals who are at more risk of developing cervical cancer

The following are some women who are at more risk of developing cervical cancer:

  • The women who are HIV positive.
  • The women who contracted sexually transmitted diseases were left undiagnosed and untreated.
  • The women who have a weak immune system.
  • Women who got cervical cancer before. As there are always chances of its return.

What are the symptoms of cervical cancer?

Other than this, here are some of the symptoms a woman will face if she has cervical cancer. In such conditions, it is important to take a cervical cancer test. Let’s have a look:

  • Change in the odour of vaginal discharge.
  • Change in the texture of vaginal discharge.
  • Change in the colour of vaginal discharge.
  • Extreme pain during sexual intimacy.
  • More bleeding in the menstrual cycle.

Who does an OB/GYN take a Pap smear test?

The OB/GYN will ask the patient to remove her bottoms and wear a hospital gown. The patient will do so and lie on an examination table. The doctor will use an instrument named a speculum. The instrument is used to keep the walls of the cervix apart. By doing so, a doctor can clearly look into the woman’s cervical area and determine from where she needs to take the sample. The doctor will take a soft brush or something of the sort to take out the sample. The sample is then tested.

North hills Pap Smear results

Every positive test doesn’t mean that a woman has cervical cancer. Sometimes, it is an infection or other vaginal disease, which can be treated easily. To determine if it’s cervical cancer, more testing will be done.


North hills pap smear test will help you determine whether you have cervical cancer or not. The test is easy to take and can detect precancerous and cancerous cells. As the test helps diagnose cancer at a very early stage, thus it gives women a chance to save their life by starting the treatment immediately. The test should be taken by women after the age of 21. The test needs to be taken after every 3-4 years. 


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