Doctor Appointment Booking App development: Manage Healthcare System

by Bharat_koriya

The whole world is getting digitized with each passing day. People do not have a lot of time to waste visiting the doctor, standing in a queue and then getting checked. Doctor appointment booking apps are available everywhere in the world.

These are life saving and time saving as well. Many doctors, hospitals and healthcare organizations are becoming fully digitized. Telemedicine apps and doctor appointment apps are becoming very famous recently. In this article, we will discuss the features and functions of a doctor appointment app. We will also discuss which features the developers must consider while developing a doctor appointment app! You can also visit our Comapany our company is provide mobile app development services.  We are listed in top mobile app development companies in Ahmedabad.

How do these apps work in the real world? In the real world, there are two perspectives of such apps available. One is the patient’s perspective and the other one is the doctor’s or clinic’s perspective.

1. From clinic perspective:

No manual work for the person handling all the appointments, scheduling, rescheduling, cancellation, etc. When someone does all of this work manually, a lot of problems or information misplace is common. But with a dedicated appointment booking app, all these procedures will be hassle free.

The clinic can ask the developer to add a report check up feature as well. Now patients do not need to visit the doctor with reports, they can upload their reports on the website and the doctor can see them sitting in his cabin.

2. From a patient perspective:

A patient can book an appointment easily. He does not need to call the clinic several times. He just needs to download and install the app. Open the app and book a schedule as per the convenience of the user.

The user can click on a few buttons or options and the booking will be confirmed. It is a very time saving feature. The whole thing will be done within a few minutes and the user doesn’t need to bother anyone as well.

Can clinics save money with the help of an app?

Well, yes! When you develop an app for the booking in a clinic, you do not require a person doing the task. The whole manual task is now converted into a digitized task. You will not need an operator to schedule, cancel and reschedule appointments. Even if someone misses his appointment, he can reschedule the appointment.

With an app in your hand, everything will be very easy for you. One can schedule notifications and reminders. If cancellations happen, the doctor will lose money. But with the reschedule facility of the app, one can reschedule his appointment.

No more double bookings will be there. Double booking is a huge problem and every year people lose a lot of money for this. With the doctor appointment booking app, this double booking problem will not be there anymore.

Features of a basic doctor appointment booking app:

If you are developing an app for doctor appointment booking, there are a lot of features available. You need to choose which features you would love to incorporate in your app. Here are the five essential features that your booking app must have.

1. Doctor profile:

When you visit a doctor, you do not look for how he looks or how he does anything! You need to know the experience of the doctor. There should be clarity and hence, the developer must upload the picture of the doctor, education qualification of the doctor, and of course his experience in the field. Doctors that have handled different types of cases, can be a good choice.

2. Proper search feature:

When a patient is in a hurry and searches something on an immediate basis, he might not have a lot of time to go through a lot of options.  This feature also helps users to filter some desired doctors and treatments. In this way, the whole thing will be hassle free.

3. Patient profile:

The way a doctor’s profile is uploaded; there will be a dedicated page for the patients as well. Patients must upload their prescriptions, problems, test reports, etc. Sometimes, the patient forgets to carry some necessary documents or test reports. With the patient profile feature on the app, the patient can easily upload the required documents from any corners of the world.

4. Booking form:

This is one of the most important features of an appointment booking app. The patient can get adequate information from the booking form. The patient must cautiously put all the information required in the app. Should choose the doctor he wants to visit properly and cautiously. When the doctor visits the clinic, he can see how many patients are there in the queue.

5. Notifications:

If you book an appointment, reschedule it, or cancel it, everything can be clearly seen and heard through the notification bar. Sometimes last minute cancellations can take place. It will be easier for the doctor to know which time slot is vacant and he can go for another clinic.

6. Add on features:

There should be some add-on features available. You can choose some of these features to incorporate in the app.

·7. E payments:

You can ask your patient to pay their fees via online payment portals. This feature can save the hassle of payments properly.

8. E prescription:

When a patient is under treatment and his medicines will be continued, he can ask for a medicine refill. You may not need to waste a lot of time writing prescriptions.This will save you and your patient’s time a lot.

7. Direction:

Some people can never understand the route to the clinic. They will keep on asking and it is therefore important for you to include this feature in your app.


Here we have discussed all the important features of the doctor appointment booking app. You will find the features of the clinic easily and properly now. Now a patient can book an appointment with the doctor easily.

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