Dueling Lightsabers: The Absolute Best


If you have been on the lookout for the best lightsabers in town – you have landed at the right place.

Art Sabers is your go to place for customised, niche lightsabers that pack in a punch with their peak performance, diligent design, and authentic likeness.

But with so many designs to choose from, one can get spoilt for choice. So we bring to you the Rey Skywalker Lightsaber. It is definitely one of the most sought after designs and you should be the proud owner of one too.

What is it?

The Rey Skywalker Force FX Lightsaber dueling Lightsaber is a brand new entry into the eclectic collection of master replicas from the Latvian company of artsabers.com.

It is a flash on clash lightsaber, in rey lightsaber color, equipped with interchangeable colors for you to have fun with. You can now swoosh around in style with three blade length options to choose from – to provide better grasp and manoeuvre.

What does It Look Like?

The Neopixel blade with 11 interchangeable colors looks as futuristic as it can get.

The detachable blade looks super cool and fancy and will make you the center of attention at a house party. No worries about the perfect grasp as the allen key and screws help you keep it tight and secure at all times.

What Features You Get

The colors come in a range of 11 interchangeable ones – so you never get bored. There is a switch for efficient brightness control as is there a blaster deflection with lock up in built.

The metal hilt helps in a smooth swing execution as you create a great ambience with 20 custom sound fonts playing on a 2-3 watts speaker. Great sound quality is guaranteed on the 4/8 ohm device. What’s more is the Xenopixel 16GB soundboard lets you add any sound font you come to like and love on the saberfont.com website.

The Art Saber Promise

Perfection is guaranteed when you order a lightsaber from artsabers.com. Our craftsmanship is well spoken for and we take full responsibility for any flaw you find. Immediate replacement and repair happens thanks to our 365 days warranty on all products. What’s more is that the warranty starts not from the day of order but from the day of delivery.

The order process is seamless, the delivery is quick, and the shipping is free! Yay! Isn’t that a sweet deal.

The Lightsabers from our website have all gone through excruciating quality control checks to offer you the best experience possible as you swish around in your new avatar. Duels and spars with fellow Star Wars fans or the kids in the family are about to get even more fun.

This is a pretty sweet deal that you definitely should avail. A lightsaber is a great investment as it adds fun and bold colors to your life, helps you connect with friends, and also makes for a great weekend activity for your kids to take part in.

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