Effective Ways to Increase the Strength of Doors

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For any home, the door is the most crucial part which ensures the security of the house and family members. Moreover, they are essentially the initial point of contact for anyone trying to enter your home. You may see some individuals see doors as a way to express their personality. But also many others only see them as a way to keep their home safe. So it is really important to maintain a strong and secure gateway to ensuring outstanding home security. There are a number of door accessories such as alarms, mortice latch, motion detectors, sash lock, and several others. Keep in mind that a skilled thief can easily enter a typical building in under a minute. But fortunately, there are numerous ways to strengthen the door. In this blog post, we describe them to improve the protection of your family and safeguard your belongings.

Approaches to Strengthen Home Doors

  1. A Strong Core

It is suggested to decide between a solid core and a hollow type when purchasing a front door. Generally, hollow core doors are substantially less expensive. Due to this, they only need a few kicks to break because it has cardboard inside. But the solid core door is significantly safer and more resilient comparatively. 

A model constructed of pinewood that is relatively expensive because it is a more durable hardwood model. A steel door, which is secure and can shield your house from bad weather, should not be overlooked. In order to check that your door has a hollow or solid core, you can check by giving it a knock. If it is solid, the core door makes a bland sound, but if we talk about hollow doors it has an echo.

  1. Deadbolt Lock

A deadbolt lock is one technique to make your door even safer. If you are not using it, you can put one in relatively quickly. Due to its length, security experts advise purchasing the grade 1 deadbolt lock. So, its bolt penetrates the door frame more deeply, which makes it more difficult for the thief to get around it. 

It is suggested to have single deadbolts on the front and balcony doors in some areas. In this way, the deadbolt door can only be locked and unlocked from the inside. In other words, it is a lot safer than other lock options like door chains and swing bar locks.

  1. Upgrade Door Lock

Sometimes, a few little modifications can significantly increase door security. This is important because a skilled burglar may quickly cut through a regular lock. Many homeowners opt for locks with anti-snap cylinders. Some of them also have security pins to the lock. If you use the lock frequently, make sure to replace the springs because they may become rusted or loosen over time. 

In this way, replace the screws in the metal strike plate holding the lock latch to secure the lock. Mostly, the plate’s screws measure 1 inch (2.5 cm) in length. With this, you can reinforce the lock and increase its resistance. This is to force entry by swapping out the shorter screws for longer ones.

  1. Smart Lock

These days, smart locks are popular among users. In order to access codes rather than keys are used in the most advanced and secure locks available. Using this product, the intruder is unable to bump or pick the lock. If you have no issue of budget you can choose them because these sophisticated models are pricey. 

But they are a long-term investment that improves your home’s security. After installing this door lock, you can enter your house using a previously established code. You can also check another alternative like a smartphone connection to the lock. This is to receive a randomly generated numeric code. The model you own will, however, affect this choice.

  1. Securing Door Hardware

To get more security, hinges connect the door to the door frame and are also a crucial component. While using, it opens outwards and is visible to the person in front of the door. Unfortunately, that makes the work for the burglars much simpler. 

So you can reinforce hinges with safety studs to increase your safety. Furthermore, adding corrugated pins and lengthy screws is a great idea. With these simple adjustments, you can stop burglars from ripping your door off its hinges. 

  1. Lamps

Mostly, a dark residence is the objective of a burglar to get access. The neighbours or anybody else will witness the robber increase by the well-lit driveway and porch. 

Due to this, it keeps the lights on at night or install floodlights in the garden. Thanks to technology! Purchasing flood lights with a motion sensor can considerably reduce the danger of burglary. In this way, you may schedule the lights to come on at specific times. 

  1. Security Bars and Door Barricades

Security bars and door barricades are truly effective options to select. The best way to strengthen the door is with a door barricade. Even the weakest model of lock can’t be broken into once it’s installed inside. It is required to slide the barricade away from its base plate once you’ve made the decision to let people through. 

Even more, installing a security bar is an additional choice. It can easily be used on both the hinge and sliding glass door because it fits on the majority of doors. You just need to simply position one end of the yoke beneath the lever and the other end on the ground. With this, you can easily increase the security of your home because no one can enter through the outside door.

  1. Glass Doors

You can easily find a staggering variety of front door models. As you know, breaking the glass makes it simple for thieves to get around the security measure. If you already had a glass door, you could either replace it or put in a deadbolt lock.

Final Thoughts

To summarise, criminals who attempt to break into your home will usually start at the front entrance. So, you should take every precaution in order to secure it. Door products like sash lock, electric lock and mortice latch may strengthen your entrance in a variety of ways. 

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