Elation EMR Pricing – Is it Cheaper Than Other EMRs?

by LucyZara

If you are looking for a cloud-based EHR solution, Elation EMR Pricing is a great choice. This software combines multiple applications into one system, promises to reduce costs, and integrates with numerous applications. We took a look at the pricing and ease of use of this software, as well as how it integrates with other applications. Keep reading to find out more. You may be surprised to learn that it is actually cheaper than other EMR options.

Elation EMR’s ability to connect with patients

One of the greatest challenges in a physician’s EMR experience is the lack of physical orientation with his or her patients. EMR physicians were less likely to physically orient towards their patients than physicians using paper records. However, other authors have noted the importance of a physician’s computer’s orientation in the examination room. Physicians should be able to see the patient and computer screen at the same time, without having to change their position.

Using Elation EMR, Health Incite has transformed the patient onboarding and intake processes, so that their team always has accurate information about each patient. Elation-Salesforce integration doesn’t end at the creation of new patient records. AIR Connect also pulls appointment data, medications, and non-visit notes into Salesforce. This ensures a better holistic picture of patient members. And because the two softwares are tightly integrated, health practitioners can easily share patient data among team members without worrying about duplicate data.

Elation EMR ease of use

The Elation EMR is a cloud-based solution geared for medical professionals. It costs between $275 and $315 per user, depending on the plan. Elation EMR has a free trial period and an enterprise support plan, but the pricing is not as affordable as some of its competitors. The ease of use is a selling point, but users have complained about the lack of features.

The Elation EMR is HIPAA-certified, and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Elation offers extensive support through a blog and webinars. In addition to that, its platform is highly extensible, which means that it can be easily expanded with additional technologies. Many physicians view EHRs as a barrier to providing good care to their patients, and the AAFP has instituted an Innovation Lab to address this issue. Physician frustrations with technology have increased physician workload and overhead, and Elation is no exception.

Its cost

When considering Elation EMR pricing, it’s important to keep several things in mind. Firstly, the Elation EHR comes with a three-dimensional representation of the medical records. This feature allows doctors to work more efficiently while treating both acute and chronic conditions. Also, it’s easy to use and fosters collaboration between doctors and staff. The Elation EHR pricing starts at $349 per user per month, which is comparable to the cost of the Valant EMR.

Other features included in the Elation EMR are secure patient portals, which are accessible by both the patient and the healthcare provider. These patient portals can store important medical information such as lab results, immunization records, and more. They’re designed to foster stronger physician-patient relationships by giving patients access to their health records whenever they need it. However, since Elation is a local company, some features may become outdated over time.

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When compared to its competition, the Elation EMR has many benefits for small practices. Its client portal saves the health history, lab reports, and vaccination data of each patient in one secure location. Its HL-7 capabilities facilitate better coordination of care and reduce writing errors. And, it’s EPCS-certified, which means it is safe for controlled substances to be dispensed electronically. And, it’s affordable!

In addition to a full EMR, Elation EMR also includes an integration tool. You can integrate multiple applications with Elation, including billing and practice management systems. Hence, you can manage your entire practice with a single software. In addition, you can collaborate with other healthcare professionals and reduce double data entry. And, best of all, the system offers an intuitive interface that helps medical professionals manage their day-to-day activities without having to learn new systems.


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