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Winter is a season that demands everything to be warm and cosy. From the setting of the room to clothes, everything is just comfy and homely. If you ask someone to explain a cosy winter evening, he/she will just give a description that includes a warm room, a woolly blanket wrapping them completely, a book in one hand, a cup of hot chocolate or coffee in the other and their favourite pet by their side. A perfect winter evening is something that you either spend in isolation or with your loved ones. No matter whatever you do, one thing that remains common is a warm outfit, which can either be a woollen sweater or a cashmere poncho (cashmere poncho UK).

In this article we shall be looking at some of the interesting facts about cashmere knitwear. Cashmere knitwear is one of the finest materials for the winter season, but many do not understand the unique properties of the material completely. It is one of the warmest and softest yarns that you can have in the winter season. Cashmere knitwear is highly durable which can last for years, even for more than 200 years, if you take care of it properly. Belle Love Clothing is an online store in the UK, famous for different types of outfits, including, plus size ponchos, plus size jumpers, Cashmere jumpers (Cashmere jumpers UK) and so on.

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Let us now have a look at some of the interesting facts about cashmere.

What is Cashmere?

Cashmere is a kind of wool that is extracted from the cashmere goats. It is a special type of yarn that comes from rare fibres. The wool is extracted from the undercoat of the cashmere goats and pashmina goats. These goats are mainly found in Mongolia, China and Kashmir, a union territory in the northernmost part of India. In fact, the word “cashmere” is an anglicised version of the word “Kashmir”.

The goats come with a two layered coat. The outer layer is rough and coarse and protects the undercoat from water and other elements. The outer layer is used to make brushes. The inner layer is also called an undercoat.  It is made up of ultra-fine hairs and comes with insulating properties. The undercoat is soft, dense and thin, therefore it is used to make fabrics. The unique characteristics of the undercoat keeps the goats warm during the winter season, but not very hot in the summer season. It is because of this property, cashmere wool is used to make different types of warm clothes such as, plus size jumpers and plus size ponchos.

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How are the Cashmere Garments Made?

The fibres extracted from the goats are first dyed. Then they are spun into yarn. After that, they are knitted into jumpers (cashmere jumpers UK), ponchos (cashmere poncho UK) and other similar products. Premium suits and accessories are also made from these fibres. Generally, the most respected and famous companies known for the process of yarning and knitting are found in Italy and Scotland. Although cashmere is highly expensive because of its quality, authenticity and scarcity, these days, low quality cashmere garments are found at reasonable rates in China.

Why Should You Prefer Cashmere Garments Over Woollen Garments?

There are several reasons why you need to prefer cashmere garments over woollen garments. The first one is that cashmere garments have a great insulating property. Hence, they keep you three times warmer than the woollen garments. Their unique insulating property helps in maintaining your body temperature, therefore, you neither feel too cold nor too hot. Cashmere garments are known for their softness. The fibres are very small and  are known for their fine texture. These are the softest yarns and this is another reason why one should choose cashmere garments over woollen garments.

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The density of the cashmere fibres is higher than that of the woollen fibres and hence there is no itchiness when you wear this garment. Other reasons why you should prefer cashmere garments are that these garments are lightweight and are highly durable. These are some of the reasons why you should prefer cashmere garments over woollen garments.

Summing Up

These are some of the interesting facts about the cashmere garments. If you are purchasing these garments, the only thing you need to keep in mind is to take proper care of these garments. So this winter season buy garments such as cashmere ponchos (cashmere poncho UK) and cashmere jumpers (cashmere jumpers UK) and make your winter warm and enjoyable.

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