Exploring What It Means to Be an Instagrammer

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No matter how many followers you have or how popular your photos are on social media, not every person will understand what it means to be an Instagrammer. While the number of accounts has grown to over 300 million and the total number of photo posts reached 2 billion in April 2018, people still struggle to understand this new social media platform. The same goes for those who are trying to get followers and free Instagram likes as well.

It’s hard enough trying to define yourself as a photographer when everyone else is also calling themselves one. But from here things only become more difficult when you try explaining why being an Instagrammer matter in this age where everything is around us, quick and easy to access at all times.

In case you don’t know yet, Instagram is a mobile app that allows users to take photos and videos with their smartphones, upload them and share them with the world right away via Facebook or other accounts they use. Various filters can be used on photos before they are posted so they look better once they’re out there.

This means that while some users may not understand what it means to be an Instagrammer, there are plenty of people who would rather do without this feature than allow themselves to be stuck inside a camera lens all day long.

What Does It Mean to Be an Instagrammer?

So what is it that makes an Instagrammer different from the rest? Why does it matter to be part of Instagram? To answer these questions, we first need to look at some of the basic functions of Instagram.

These include the ability to take and share photos right from your smartphone, the ability to add filters to make your photos look a bit better than they would without any, and the ability to share photos and videos on your timeline and in other people’s timelines.

All these functions alone allow you to create a photo post, add filters to photos, and share photos and videos with others. All of these functions are important when it comes to Instagram as they are all core elements of social media as a whole. But they also make sense as they directly apply to content creation on Instagram.

Thus, being an Instagrammer means being on Instagram, taking and sharing photos and videos, and sharing them in your timeline and those of others.

Why Is Being a Digital Artist Important?

Who would want to follow someone who takes photos and videos with the sole purpose of sharing them with the world and not spend any time adding filters, sharing them, or commenting on the photos or videos? This question is a good one to ask before deciding to become an Instagrammer.

Because as we mentioned above, Instagram is mostly about sharing images and videos. This means that your account is going to be primarily focused on photos and videos. With that being said, there are other reasons why you might want to consider becoming a digital artist on Instagram.

First of all, Instagram is a great platform to promote your digital art. People follow you not only because you post photos and videos, but because they like your account itself. They follow you because they like your style and the way you choose to express yourself.

Self-promotion plays a role here as well. If your main goal is to promote your digital artwork, then Instagram is the best platform for you as it allows you to do so easily. There are plenty of ways to self-promote your content on Instagram, from sharing links to your website or social media accounts to reposting your photos and videos or those of others.

Existing on the Internet

Your Instagram account is going to exist mostly on the internet. This means that you’ll be trying to share photos and videos with the entire world, not just a select few. You’ll be trying to connect with people all around the world. And show them what you like and what you think about through your account.

This is all one big reason why you want to consider becoming an Instagrammer: to have your work show up on the internet so others can see it, share it, and comment on it. This is something that only the internet can provide, which is why Instagram is so great when it comes to sharing online content.

Defining Yourself as a Photographer

The first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions Instagrammers is probably selfies. And you can also make an account that’s focused on more than that. Instagram can be a great platform to share your photography skills and show the world your talent.

You can make a personal account that focuses on photographing landscapes or wildlife. A professional account that focuses on photography for commercial purposes, or a page that is solely focused on personal photography. There are no rules here, and there’s no wrong choice. Instagram is all about creating a page that is focused on what you love to do. And you can create multiple accounts for this purpose.

Getting Followers for Your Instagram Account

As with every social media platform, having a large number of followers is great when it comes to getting noticed. Brands pay attention to accounts with millions of followers and you can use that attention to your advantage. You can sign up with marketing agencies or focus on building up your Instagram following to gain more attention.

Getting followers can be done in many ways. The most effective way is to use a strategy that involves building up your Instagram following. An effective way to get followers is to create a special post with a call to action that invites people to follow you on Instagram. You can also rent services that allow you to buy Instagram followers.

However, you should be careful when doing so as some of these services are fake.

Summing up

Instagram is a great platform for sharing images and videos with the world. Instagram is mostly about sharing photos and videos. And your account is going to primarily be focused on sharing images and videos.

With that being said, Instagram can also be great for digital artists looking to share their work and promote themselves. Instagram is great at connecting people and there are plenty of ways to become an Instagrammer. Being someone who shares photos and videos is the best way to do so.

Instagram is all about sharing images and videos, and being someone who shares is the best way to do so. Now that you understand what it means to be an Instagrammer, you can begin deepening your understanding of this platform. These tips will help you discover what it means to be an Instagrammer.

This is where the importance of appearing on the “Explore” page of Instagram comes in , through which you can expand your reach, find new followers and get more views on your posts.

Appearing on Instagram’s Explore page is like being on prime-time TV! But despite being a great showcase, not just anyone can show up there, as there is no cake recipe that guarantees how to do it.

However, by following the right strategies and having perseverance, you will have a better chance of success. Come with us and check out some tips on how to appear on Instagram Explore to boost your results!

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