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With over 2.74 billion month-to-month active users, Facebook is the world’s maximum famous social media platform. From an advertising and marketing perspective, there are numerous possibilities to interact with new audiences and expand your company’s reach. How do you capitalize on these possibilities? By devising a Facebook advertising and marketing method. For beginners, this could all seem a little bit daunting however don’t worry. If you’re new to Facebook advertising and marketing, permit me walk you via the use of the gear available on your advantage.


Facebook advertising and marketing is a catch-all term for the unique methods you can market your commercial enterprise on Facebook. It includes:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Business Pages
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Facebook Groups

There’s an advertising and marketing method for each budget, whether or not you’re seeking out an unfastened social media advertising and marketing answer otherwise you need to set aside a regular sum for paid Facebook Ads.


Firstly, over 90 million groups are already on Facebook. Around 1.88 billion customers access Facebook as a minimum once per day, and as a minimum 17 percentage of customers be a part of Facebook to connect with brands and products.

In different words, groups are actively pursuing clients throughout this social media platform, so it makes sense to construct your very own presence there.

What’s greater, 45 percentage of net customers throughout the globe turn to platforms like Facebook to discover greater about products they need to buy. You can assist them find out your brand through advertising and marketing successfully on Facebook.


Facebook lets you pick from 4 major advert types.


Static image advertisements are perfect for driving visitors to your website.

They should be in JPG or PNG format, and the headline shouldn’t exceed 40 characters. Since you have 125 characters for the primary message, they’re great for clear and concise calls to action (CTAs).


With video advertisements, you may showcase a product, promote client testimonials, or enhance your brand. Video posts, in general, have a 6.09 percent engagement rate on Facebook, that’s impressive, however you’ll lose viewers if it’s a poor-quality video with an uncertain message.


With carousel advertisements, humans can scroll via a host of pictures to look the same product from more than one angles.

While that is extremely good for e-commerce, carousel advertisements aren’t perfect for showcasing unique products or listings e.g., homes in real estate marketing.


Image collections are extremely good for displaying products in your e-commerce store, however as with image advertisements, you’re limited to a short headline and a 125-character primary message, so they’re not applicable for conveying a lot information.

The advert type you pick depends largely on your marketing campaign goal. For example, an image is extremely good for driving home a visually compelling CTA, whereas videos are beneficial for engaging audiences.

There’s no set price for Facebook Ads, either. Since you bid on advert slots throughout the platform, how much the advert prices relies upon on how much you’re willing to pay to secure the slot you need.


Of course, you want your Facebook commercial enterprise Page to be successful. However, what fulfillment looks like on social media will range primarily based totally on your commercial enterprise goals. Your pinnacle focus could be launching new products, building awareness, driving sales, or collecting leads.

But no matter what, you want likes.

A “like” is how a person increases their hand and deliberately chooses to look updates from your commercial enterprise in their News Feed.

In this section, we’ll come up with a few realistic techniques to get Facebook Page likes from the moment your Page goes live and the way to develop that demand into the future.


If you need Page likes to master Facebook marketing that brings up a very good query: Why not simply purchase them?

Don’t believe this is an actual dilemma? Go ahead and Google “purchase Facebook likes.” You’ll discover pages upon pages of external services promoting applications of likes for a flat fee. And for a few, it may appear to be a quick and easy manner to make your commercial enterprise appearance credible.

However, the difficulty lies in where these likes honestly come from. Companies that promote likes use click farms, fake accounts, or maybe compromised accounts to attain the promised quantity. That method it’s fantastically unlikely that any of these users who’ve appreciated your Page will ever interact with your content.

Remember: Not each Facebook post shows up in the News Feed. When Facebook makes a decision what to include, the algorithm appears particularly at engagement rates — not your general quantity of fans. Over time, the shortage of likes and remarks on your posts (because of unengaged or fake fans) in comparison to the quantity of Page likes you’ve could prevent your content from being seen. The average user will likely also question your credibility with this sort of discrepancy.

If the long-term effects of a negative engagement rate aren’t sufficient to scare you, remember that Facebook has a group that watches out for this type of suspicious behavior. They may not hesitate to close down your Page without warning.


Now that we’ve covered how not to get likes, let communicate about how to get them — the proper manner. We’ll begin with promoting your Page on Facebook and then thru your different advertising and marketing assets.

As we stated in the previous segment, take the time to thoughtfully fill out the “About” section of your Page. Fill your description with searchable information, however don’t overstuff it with keywords. Include an overview of what your enterprise offers, right categories, and a hyperlink back to your website.

If you’re constructing a Page from scratch, consider sharing it with human beings you’re already linked to on Facebook. From your Page’s primary screen, check out the section titled “Know buddies who may like your Page?”

As you select contacts, be careful about over-promoting to human beings you know won’t be interested. Spammy Facebook advertising and marketing does more harm than good.

Also, don’t forget to invite your colleagues to like your Page. Encourage them to share it with their very own Facebook buddies or encompass the particular hyperlink in their e-mail signatures. Employees in departments like sales, consumer service, or HR who constantly e-mail human beings outside your commercial enterprise are often a superb fit.

Finally, be active. The great manner to gain Page likes is to construct an interesting community. Post helpful or interesting content material that your fans will want to like and share. Respond to messages quick and have interaction with feedback on your posts. Have you ever observed a few Pages have a green badge saying they’re “very attentive to messages”? If you’ve received a 90% reaction rate and an average reaction time of under 15 mins over the past seven days, you too can earn this badge.


In a large sea of 1.56 billion each day active users and 70 million businesses, you should stand out in case you need to efficiently market on Facebook. You must be helpful.

You must be deliberate. Really, to master Facebook marketing, you have to be inbound.

Thankfully, Facebook’s tools cater to the marketer who wants to form a real relationship with their audience. With Facebook’s brilliant collection of analytics tools, you can understand your audience earlier than you post. You can stretch the bounds of your creativity with Facebook’s increasing quantity of multimedia content material options. Then, with Page Insights, you can see which content material humans interact with and segment marketing to make sure you’re assisting greater than annoying.

Your fans are giving you permission to attain them thru Facebook. Make the maximum of the possibility through following the easy pointers in this guide.

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