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DPSG-Faridabad is one of the best CBSE-affiliated schools in Faridabad, with an international curriculum for “Learning that Matters.” It is well-known for providing high-quality education. DPSG offers world-class education through an international curriculum of diploma programs. We emphasize the value of a well-defined Personality with Percentage development, which leads to the overall progress of the learners.

As one of the best CBSE-affiliated schools in Faridabad, we want to create a dynamic generation capable of contributing to community life and revolutionizing their revolutions as global citizens by delivering world-class education with an international curriculum.

As Nelson Mandela stated, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” 

We want to connect ourselves with the same. Students today have an insatiable hunger for knowledge that traditional methods of teaching education, such as rote learning and passive listening, cannot satisfy.

Being Successful and Unique

Every parent wishes for their child’s success.

And, in today’s fast-paced changing environment, “ADAPTABILITY,” coupled with the four C’s” – Communication, Critical thinking, Collaboration, and Creativity of 21st-century learning skills, is the key to success.

Whenever you need ideas, ask a creative child right away. They continuously come up with fresh and exciting ideas and are never afraid to share them with the rest of the world. Creative children often perceive the world much more lively and fascinatingly than others. They are action-oriented and never fear failure because they recognize that failure is where we learn and grow. Such youngsters typically have a positive sense of identity since they continually explore who they are and what they are interested in. They are not embarrassed to be different and are usually comfortable in their skin.

The first step in encouraging your child’s creativity is to allow them to ask questions and explore their environment. Instead of providing clear answers, consider asking open-ended questions to pique their interest. For example, if your youngster wonders what the sky is made of, you could say, “I’m not sure; what do you think?” They can format their explanations in this way by using their imagination.

Introduce new experiences to your child to broaden their horizons. Introduce them to new places, new foods, and people from various ethnic origins. They will have more material to work with if they have more experience and think outside the box. You must encourage your child to be physically active and get enough exercise. Research has demonstrated that physical activity improves creative thinking. As a result, make sure that youngsters have plenty of opportunities to run, jump, and have fun.

Brainstorming is a beautiful method for coming up with new ideas. Sit back with your youngster and help them create a list of thoughts on a specific topic. Encourage them to think outside the box and generate as many ideas as possible. Considering things from multiple perspectives is frequent in creative thinking. To assist your child with analyzing problems from various angles, ask questions such as “What would happen if…?” or “How may this be done differently?”

Why choose us?

DPSG Faridabad, one of the best CBSE-affiliated schools in Faridabad, is situated on the Delhi-Agra Highway. A sprawling lush green locale of 6 acres of the school provides an environment that is conducive to meeting the intellectual pursuits and holistic development of students who come here to study, build a dream, find their bearing, and blossom into balanced and responsible citizens of whom any country would feel proud. It is a path breaker in pursuit of excellence.

While the school provides state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities to the students, like basketball courts and playgrounds that meet international standards, this is different from what sets the school above and apart from other educational institutions of merit. What matters is that DPSG Faridabad is a school that “cares” The dedicated, committed team of sincere faculty members go out of their way to walk the extra mile for their students, and conducting regular Assessment Dialogue sessions is a way of life between teacher and student. The school has a vast, fully air-conditioned building with all facilities for teaching, dance, theater, and other literary functions. The education and the non-teaching staff have a precise distribution of authority and responsibility that gives structure to the school’s functionality and gives it an impetus to run smoothly.

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