Games Similar to Valorant on Steam: GamersGift

Games Similar to Valorant on Steam: GamersGift

by Gaurav Singh

Steam Wallet India – For those who love Valorant, a first-person shooter game, today’s guide is going to be extremely helpful to them because we’ve come up with amazing games similar to Valorant that you can play right now on Steam.

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If you’re bored of playing Valorant, replace it with other similar games from the below list:


Splitgate is a fast-paced, free-to-play multiplayer shooter with player-controlled portals. The game is also a first-person shooter like Valorant.

The game offers more than 20 maps, more than 15 game modes, and sci-fi combat experiences in different portals. Players can see through all of the portals, which is helpful in finding enemies and shooting them easily.

The game is exciting and unexpected as well, as the enemies can come from anywhere and from any portal, including those that didn’t even exist a few seconds ago. The game is surely going to surprise you with its different game modes.


With a variety of characters, this game must make its way into your Steam library. Paladins revolves around a rich fantasy universe, offering a wide cast of characters, including sharpshooting humans, mech-riding goblins, jetpack-clad dragons, and mystical elves.

Each champion adds a special set of skills to the battlefield. Also, the game adds new Champions on a regular basis, keeping the game fresh to play without getting bored.

Moreover, unlike other team-based shooters that rely only on the player’s abilities, Paladins contains cards, gear, and talents that can make champions appear unique each time you play them.

The best thing about the game is that it’s completely free-to-play except for some cosmetic skins and in-game items that you can buy.

Doom Eternal

Want to experience combat with hell’s monstrous army? Then this game is for you. The game has unusual visuals set on Earth, where Hell’s army has envaded the planet and you have to deal with them. The game is filled with chaos and is a fast-paced shooter.

Due to the fast and quick action that is needed in the game, some players might find it difficult at first, but will enjoy it once they learn.

If you want to enjoy a first-person shooter game and take on the angry monsters single-handedly, then get this game on Steam.

Apex Legends

The game revolves around an immersive environment where the story and maps change seasonally and new legends join the fight.

A free-to-play hero shooter, Apex Legends is constantly being upgraded by developers with no room left for boredom. This game is an amazing replacement for Valorant.

To win the game, you’ll have to think quickly, discover new strategies and strong combinations by mastering your character’s unique skills while coordinating with your friends.

Moreover, Apex matches have sixty players split into three-person squads. After entering a match, each squad member is assigned a legend at random. Squads, on the other hand, cannot utilize multiples of the same legend. This way, you get to experiment with different characters or legends with various abilities.

Destiny 2

A game with a storyline, Destiny 2 brings lovers of solar system combat to the same table. The game is a first-person shooter with combat similar to Valorant with numerous options available to switch and upgrade the gears of your character. You can choose one out of three guardian classes: Titan, Hunter, or Warlock.

Your main purpose in this game is to defend humanity, which is under the siege of enemies with the help of maps, weapons, and armor.

Insurgency: Sandstorm

The game begins with you designing an avatar that will be your character across all game types. This avatar may be customized in a variety of ways, with a variety of clothes and armour designs available. The best part is that everything is unlocked simply by playing the game or leveling up.

You also need to choose a class in the game, such as Rifleman, Advisor, Breacher, Demolitions, Observer, etc. Creating a class to fight as is done in a fairly intuitive manner.

Instead of a set of weaponry for each class, you are given 20 points to spend however you like. Better guns, of course, cost more points, which means you’ll have to give up equipment or attachments.

The game has many modes to choose from, such as survival, checkpoint, frontline, co-op, and many more. However, the survival mode is what most of the players prefer for improved and interesting gameplay.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

Rising Storm 2, a 64-player game with more than 50 weapon options, is an excellent first-person shooter game. You can fly helicopters, use pistols or rocket launchers, utilize more than 20 maps, and customize your characters in hundreds of ways to win the game.

The game has mainly two modes: VNTE and VNSU. In VNTE mode, one team must acquire specific points in a row to win, and the opposing side must protect these points at any cost.

On the other hand, in VNSU mode, the teams will find numerous missions on the map. To win the game, both teams must complete as many missions as possible at the same interval and score 1000 points or kill all of their opponents.

You can try the training option in the main menu of the game. It will allow you to test all of the weapons and commander roles and improve your helicopter skills.

Summing Up

It’s only natural to desire something new for a change after playing the same game over and over again on a daily basis. So, we’ve collected a list of seven of the finest games similar to Valorant that you can download and play right away on your PC.

You will experience a huge change in this list. From playing between portals to fighting with enemies in the solar system. These fantastic FPS games will surely replace Valorant for you.

Let us know which game on today’s list you preferred instead of Valorant.

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