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The German magazines that every startup must be aware of

Germany is famous for its media landscape that is vast. Technology and commercial media are definitely not an exception. This is good, since it implies that there is the appropriate publication, whether it’s printed or on the internet, for all. It can be quite difficult to choose the appropriate kind of media outlets to meet your specific needs, particularly in the case of non-German speaking.

 german tec magazin

“If only there was a list with the best tech, startup and entrepreneurship media out there,” you think? We hear you!

Here is our list (in an order of fair alphabetical order) of the media outlets we believe are the most effective and most important media channels that are suitable for (young) creators and anyone else who is interested in technology!

brand eins

Brand Eins is a monthly business magazine that focuses on economic and (socio)political issues. Each issue has a distinct topic on a particular topic, such as “money”, “work”, “innovation” or “love”. With 311K copies in the year 2019 and 300k monthly online users It’s one of the most prominent magazine for business in Germany. The magazine claims to work to comprehend the economics and develop something fresh. The cover’s artful design typically is a real eye-catcher on the newsstand!

Business Insider

Although it’s true that the German publication of this well-known business publication isn’t so prestigious like its American older counterpart but it shouldn’t be ignored. But, make sure to make sure to pitch your German editor of the magazine with stories that are in-depth regardless of whether they’re financial, media technology, tech, or other segments. The team may not be as big as they are today however, they are always searching for new stories.

in April of 2020 the owners of Business Insider and Grunderszene, Axel Springer AG, decided to combine both editorial departments. While the chief editors and both brands remain however, the publisher hopes the physical merger of editorial offices will enable the two formats to profit from one the other. In the future, they will be created within the same facility.

Business Punk

Business Punk is a brand new business lifestyle magazine that has an edge with an attitude and uncompromising content. The magazine discusses and reviews business leaders who are successful as well as young entrepreneurs and the business rebels. Based on their slogan “Work hard. Play hard” The Business Punk is a must for creative doers and forward-thinkers. Its circulation is 35.000 units and its website boasts around 300k users who visit it each month. It is only recommended to contact Business Punk if you’re cool enough to present your business idea to the local pub patrons because this is an option in their templates for entrepreneurs. You can also you can share your embarrassing experience at work to them. It’s your choice!


Capital, published by the country’s second-largest publication house Gruner + Jahr, is a renowned business magazine. That covers analyses, reports and opinions from the business world and personal financial. The circulation per month of their printed edition is greater than fifty thousand copies, while boasts 880k monthly readers. reached its height at the end of the 70s. It was founded in the 1970s with the slogan: “The economic human and the human economic”. In the following years, Capital’s editorial office was amalgamated with Financial Times Deutschland, Impulse and Borse Online. After the closing of Financial Times Deutschland in December 2012, Impulse and Borse Online were bought and the editorial offices of Capital relocated to Berlin.

Computer BILD

Computer BILD is one of the most popular computers’ magazines published in Germany and is part of the Axel Springer media family. It is published twice a week and has reached 692K print-readers in the in the year 2000. The website is visited by greater than 50 million monthly visitors. Beyond computer issues it also covers the issues of telecommunication, HiFi video and television. In the world of computer magazines this magazine is considered to be to be one of the top players. However, keep the fact that their target market is more like the typical Joe not the tech-savvy nerd!


Computerwoche is a weekly magazine for those who are interested in IT subjects and decision-makers in mid-management. The primary focus of the IT-Fachverlag Global Data Groups’ announcement is to provide investors with information on the economic outlook and technological developments of medium-sized and large corporations within the IT sector. Other subjects include analysis, case studies business news, project reports portraits, and news. The following is your source for any SaaS news you’re interested in. The magazine saw 20K print-sells in 2019 and 1.5 million monthly users online.

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