Get your first 1000 subscribers on YouTube channel [Proven]

by James E. Madewell

Although this post is on gaming channels, the tips can be used for any subject. See our video on “How to Get Your First 1000 Subscribers on YouTube” for advice and techniques, nevertheless, for those who generate content on YouTube.

There are six techniques to gain your first 100 followers on a YouTube gaming channel.

When did you start using YouTube? And during that time, how many people have subscribed to your channel? The following six success tips will help you if you’re having problems achieving your first goal.

Determine your value proposition in order to get subscribers.

As you can anticipate, there is a lot of rivalry in the YouTube gaming market. Additionally, the rivalry will only get greater as more developers of game content swarm to the platform.

Therefore, when you reach your first 1000 subscribers on YouTube, consider this: “Why should anyone subscribe to me?” Once you’ve decided on it, you need to develop a value proposition for it.

What is a value proposition defined as? It’s just what makes your channel valuable, and discovering it is my first duty for you if you haven’t already. Decide on your value proposition and immediately state it.

Establish your authority as a player.

You’ll need to build up your value proposition’s reputation and authority if you only have a few hundred members.

Put your words into action by demonstrating how you’ll help us, for instance, to become Temtem masters. Fortunately, there are several different ways to accomplish this. You can run tutorials, make comparisons between Temtem and Pokemon games, or show highlights of some of your best game-playing experiences, such when you overcame some of the hardest boss battles.

But keep in mind that establishing reputation and authority takes time, so it will take a few films before people recognise you as the expert in Temtem.

This recommendation assumes you’ve focused your material on one or more games, if not just one, and at least one game genre. I definitely encourage watching the video we just produced on the subject since I go through exactly how I would go about defining a video game genre.

Create a video library for your YouTube channel.

Once you’ve decided which game or genre to concentrate on, I suggest building up a substantial video library.

I would advise starting with three to five films on the subject you’re covering, even if you only intend to produce one video every week. You will benefit from this in a number of ways.

To begin with, it will make it clear to any potential subscribers what kind of content they may anticipate from future visits. Second, you’re giving YouTube more details so that it can better classify your channel. The third advantage is that you’ll have the chance to immediately vary your content.

Let’s say you want to create generic “let’s play” content instead of simply Temtem tutorials, where you play the game for 20 or 30 minutes. You may perform a few “let’s plays,” along with an educational segment and a conclusion. Now that they know what kind of videos you produce in regard to this game or genre of games, your potential subscribers will be well informed.

To find out what is and is not working, conduct a channel audit.

It seems like the right moment to introduce you to Promozle’s Channel Audit tool. As you amass a library of videos, you’ll be gathering a lot of data points, so perform frequent (even daily) channel audits and seek for movies that are getting respectable views and engagement. Then concentrate much more on that kind of information. Don’t stop giving your audience what makes them want more.

Additionally, this technique can be used to find videos that require a little more attention. A fantastic way to learn is to investigate these movies and discover why people only watched for a short while.

Utilize YouTube Custom Thumbnails with extra care.

You’ve decided on your game or genre, and since you’re now giving them value on a very specific subject, you know exactly what kind of content you’ll need to draw in your first 100 subscribers.

Let’s move on to your thumbnails now that we have that out of the way. I’ve generally observed many creators doing one of two things. To begin, they take a gaming screenshot to use as their thumbnail. As a viewer, I have no idea what I’m going to get because YouTube just picks it for them, and it frequently has nothing to do with the title of the video.

Second, I’ve seen a lot of overly-produced thumbnails where the authors try to fit as much text and tiny images into an already-thin thumbnail in order to convey the essence of the video in just one little picture.

Don’t skimp on your thumbnails—I can’t stress this enough. We have a tonne of fantastic opportunities to create very vibrant, eye-catching thumbnails since video games have already done half the work by allowing you to play in a work of art.

Check the video

I see now that certain games make this a little trickier than others. While a game like Like Temtem has stunning graphics, how about It can be challenging to capture a screenshot of because it is a zoomed-out, top-down game, but several developers have discovered a way to make it work.

Even if your game doesn’t support stunning screenshots, invest some effort into making your thumbnails clickable and appealing. Consider making a game character the focal point of your thumbnail, but make sure viewers can interact with it visually rather than just using a top-down screenshot as your only option.

See our playlist for additional details on creating the ideal custom thumbnail and why it’s so crucial, which includes the following useful advice:

Keep in Mind Your Calls to Action

Assuming you have been using this guidance thus far, you now have a fantastic value proposition, outstanding thumbnails, and a clear knowledge of what your channel is all about, which you have conveyed to your audience. You can start to create authority and credibility by producing a number of films that position you as an authority on the subject you’re discussing.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to ask your audience to subscribe once you have determined the value you are offering.

Take into account the fact that they have already watched your video out of curiosity. They said, “Wow, it looks excellent,” after taking a glance at your thumbnail. They glanced at the title and remarked, “Oh yeah, I actually need to know “how to defeat that boss fight in Temtem. Finally, they have a connection.

Let them know that you frequently do this and that you’d like for them to subscribe. You’ll notice that whenever you view a movie on Promozle, there is always a reminder to subscribe at the bottom of the screen. We frequently produce videos like this. It never hurts to give viewers the option of exploring more of your video library and determining whether you’re a creator they’d like to check out again.

YouTube Gaming Channels, You Can Do This!

The hardest task you’ll have to complete on YouTube is probably getting your first 100 subscribers. But after you’ve received your first 100, you might discover that 200 isn’t far away because you’ve built up a lot of credibility. You possess a video collection. Your audience has become accustomed to your posting schedule and keeps coming back for more.

YouTube is a marathon, not a race. So, give gaining your first 100 subscribers some time. If you take away anything from each video you create, I’m confident you’ll succeed.

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