Handyman app like uber for your home services business

by Jackpatrick

If you own a home services business, you can take it online with the help of a home services on-demand application/website. People nowadays anticipate a skilled handyman to help them within hours in order to ease their lives. 

Need for a handyman app like uber

Assume you just moved into a new house and want to change a few things in the kitchen. You don’t know any local contractors because you’re in a new neighborhood, and you can’t ask your neighbors for advice because you don’t know them personally.

You come across an app that serves as a savior for you in finding the finest professionals for the job. after you schedule an appointment through an on-demand app, an expert visits your home and resolves the issue.  Isn’t that wonderful? It certainly is!

Why handyman app development for your business

The primary function of a uber like handyman app is to allow users to book a professional to handle a household job for them at a specific time and price without any hassle. Many businesses are exploring and capitalizing on this industry because there is a high demand in society for such apps. 

Creating a strong and powerful on demand handyman mobile app that is packaged in essential features ensures that your online business generates the most revenue. To broaden your online home services business, you might hire a handyman app development company to create a mind-blowing handyman mobile application like uber.

Uber for handyman to kickstart your home services business

Developing an app for handyman from scratch requires a high investment and requires many resources. Instead of using ready-made solutions help you to launch your uber for handyman app instantly and cost-effectively. There are many on demand app development companies that provide best-in-class ready-made handyman apps like uber solutions. WoobelyHandyman is one of the ready-to-go handyman app like uber solutions built with cutting-edge flutter technology to provide an excellent user experience to your customers.

It provides a dedicated Android or iOS app for users and service providers to hire and do household jobs. And offers a dynamic web panel for the mobile app owner to manage operations effectively. The cost of this handyman app script is started from $5000 based on your business requirements.

Business Benefits of uber for handyman

  • Boost your income by taking advantage of the on demand handyman app’s rising popularity
  • Cost-effective and easy to customizable if You can use a ready-made solution to build a handyman app
  • A variety of revenue streams, such as appointment fees, service commissions, convenience fees, onboarding costs, etc., can be opened
  • Businesses can promote their brand by providing their services throughout the market using mobile apps
  • Work according to your convenience or availability
  • The application uses the location to provide rapid and affordable services


If you are a budding enterprise and want to get started with your handyman app development process, you should think of some unique and exclusive strategies to draw the attention of your users. The uber for handyman should be built with the main objective of resolving user problems and making their lives easier. 

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