How are magnetic sticks used to check food quality?

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Magnetic sticks play an important role in the food and beverage industry. This is because the metal contaminants are present in the food and interrupt the production. Thus magnetic sticks attract all the unwanted metal particles present in the food like dust. Permag’s Magnetic sticks are better detectors than x-ray machines and metal detectors. 

Every year food samples are tested and sent back to the company because of the physical contamination present. This puts the consumer’s health at risk and even the company’s brand image. Few examples of physical contaminants include pieces of plastic, dead insects, plant stalks, pieces of metals. 

Magnetic sticks used for regular inspection

Physical contamination can happen at any stage like harvesting, processing or preparing. Thus food must be inspected several times in their whole process. 

To maintain the high quality in food, magnetic sticks are used for quality checks which can be used any time. This is important to maintain the brand image in the market  and more than that protection of consumers who consume that food. 

Why use Permag’s Magnetic On/Off Type Stick?

Permag’s magnetic stick on/off type is very high grade and has a high strength magnet which is used for testing and analyzing food samples. It can detect physical contamination like pieces of plastic, dead insects, plant stalks, pieces of metals in both dry as well as wet food samples. 

Permag’s magnetic stick has a power of 1000+ gauss magnet that effectively collects even the tiniest fragments and stone particles. Permag’s magnetic stick has a robust design, perfect finish and smooth edges which has a longer life. 

Features of Magnetic Stick 

To name a few features, this stick is extensively demanded by fabrication and machine shops. It is suited for soft as well as hard surfaces. It’s very easy to clean all the parts.  It has a tick on and off type. It can locate the magnetic fragments that are rejected by metal detectors. 


If you are looking for a high quality magnetic stick, you should definitely buy it from Permag products. We’re the leading magnetic equipment manufacturer in India, and we’re dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible products at affordable prices, visit us at for more information.  

Our magnetic sticks on/off type are made of high-quality materials and are designed to last for a long time and effectively pull out the magnetic particles from food samples. We really hope that this essay has expanded your knowledge about on/off type magnetic sticks.

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