How can an industrial air cooler be a cost-cutting tool for your workplace?

by Gaurav Bordiya

Everyone wants to be eco-friendly and companies are grabbing this opportunity to help the world go eco-friendly and also to increase the growth of their business. Unlike the old ways of cooling down the workplace with air conditioners, many organizations are using industrial air cooler instead.

So, let’s shed light on how these industrial coolers are eco-friendly as well as cost-efficient.


When you buy any appliance, it is important you know how much energy or electricity it will take. Eco-friendly appliances like industrial coolers consume less electricity, which results in low energy bills every month.

When compared to air conditioners, air coolers consume about eight times less electricity. This way, you are saving your money as well as the environment.


Industrial coolers are low-priced compared to air conditioners. For AC, you have to buy a central system for the large space, which can cost several lakhs of rupees.

Meanwhile, coolers will only cost you Rs 30,000 to 50,000 for a unit. You can have a 4-500 liter water tank industrial cooler for as low as Rs 25,000.

Many manufacturers of air coolers provide industrial air cooler services, in which they manufacture coolers that suit your organization and space and according to your budget, which is cost-effective.

Low Installation Costs

When it comes to the installation of air coolers, they take less time compared to air conditioners, as well as a lower cost to install. Sometimes, industrial air coolers are portable, which means you don’t have to spend money on installation.

Clean Air

Evaporative systems, such as duct coolers and industrial coolers, keep the air clean and fresh. Now, you must be wondering how clean air is helpful in cutting the cost.

When the workers get a fresh atmosphere to work in, they stay healthy and energetic, resulting in high work performance. When employees perform well, the organization becomes successful. In short, it is not only for you but for your employees that you should choose air coolers over air conditioners.

Final Thoughts

Whether it’s for home or for commercial use, eco-friendly electric appliances are the best in order to save money or the atmosphere. Don’t hesitate to buy industrial coolers for your organization, warehouse, manufacturing plant, or any large open space area.

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