How Do I Choose a Career After 12th Science?

by Christo

Choosing what to pursue and how that choice can positively affect your career prospects in the future can be accounted for as a very important and decisive step in a student’s life. Most of the students lack the opportunity to mingle with career counselors and end up taking up the mainstream career prospects, restricting themselves from exploring various other careers that can be pathbreaking and are much more to their liking. 

 Every knowledge accessible in this world has some sort of scientific application, and this itself shows the viable opportunities that the science stream can offer a student. Doctors and engineers are not the only career options awaiting science students, but chances to engage with and understand the core aspects of many other fields are laid out in front of them, and they just need to get access to them. 

Here are the career options that the students can choose from after their class 1 science stream, let us start with the common ones and then move on to the exciting ones:

1. Medicine

Medicine is one of the most popular fields among students. It is a profession that brings respect and is also very well paid. The specializations in the medical field can range from physicians to specialists, surgeons, nurses, dentists, etc. After your general degree, you can move up the scale with a specialization. In order to get into good medical colleges, you have to take your entrance examinations, and the course preparation for the same can be done at the best NEET coaching centers in Kerala and the best medical entrance exam coaching classes in Alleppey. 

2. Engineering

The second common option that students go with after the 12th grade science stream is to pursue their interests in engineering. Engineering in the current era gives you chances to experiment with much more niche areas, giving the students some opportunities to explore. Some popular job profiles are seen in the subject streams, like:

  • Electrical engineers
  • Aerospace engineers
  • Automobile engineers
  • Computer engineers
  • Nuclear engineers

3. Artificial intelligence and machine learning

It is a quite a known fact that artificial intelligence and its use are rapidly affecting all walks of life. This itself shows the amount of career opportunities that will be available for young aspirants who want to pursue a career in artificial intelligence. To get into artificial intelligence and machine learning, students can either move ahead with a direct degree in the same field or can follow it as an additional course along with a degree in computer science. If you have already completed your undergraduate studies, you can still pursue your dream of enrolling in courses on artificial intelligence and machine learning by taking up postgraduate courses in the same. An average annual salary of a student who has proficiency in this field will come up to 6- 8 lakhs in the freshmen level and move up to a scale of 16- 18 lakhs after the freshmen period. 

4. Data Science

Data science is also a new age career opportunity for students who are thinking about looking into options that can give them an extra edge in standing out in their career. The importance of data in the real world is becoming increasingly salient and organizations are in the lookout for the best possible ways to streamline and secure the data of their customers. Through gaining expertise in data science, students can create processes and algorithms with the help of scientific processes and provide strategies to companies that help them mine and decode important data. Data science as a course is a mixture of computer science, math, and analytics. One can pursue data science as a course either along with a computer science degree or as a postgraduate degree. 

5. Business Analytics 

Business analytics as a course is often mistaken for data science. But, in reality, both these courses are poles apart. They both involve analyzing and studying data, but how the data is studied and processed is where the difference comes up. Business analytics is where business data is understood and used to make useful business decisions that aid in the growth and development of the organization. You can take this course as a separate course along with undergraduate or postgraduate studies. The average salary package of a business analytics student will come somewhere between Rs. 7 lakhs and Rs. 17 lakhs, and an MBA in Business Analytics is a very promising course for you to land good career options with top companies in the world.

6. Psychologists 

Mental wellness is gaining importance and being given the same preference as being physically unwell. And with mental illness being talked about openly, it has increased the interest of students to learn about and understand this particular field of science. It takes a very defined interest in this area, as learning in this particular field can be quite overwhelming once you start practicing it as a career. To take this as a career opportunity and to specialize in clinical psychology, one needs to have a medical degree and then specialize in this as a postgraduate course. To get your medical degree for pursuing psychology, you need to get a good score in entrance which can be taken from best neet coaching centers in kerala and even better medical entrance exam coaching classes in Alleppey.

7. Spacetech

There are many students out there who are intrigued by space and its elements. Just like how students opt for options like engineering and medicine, this is an area that piques the interest of many keen individuals. Spacetech, as its name suggests, is the application of various technologies to create tools that can help humans learn more about outer space and galaxies. Space technicians help create vehicles, machines, and other accompaniments that help in the scientific research of space.

8. Geology

If the surrounding areas, especially rocks, soils, and mountains, interest you, then you have the option to study them in detail and also have lucrative career options in your area of interest. People who choose geology as their area of study later become specialists who can determine natural calamities like earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, etc. Geology is considered an unconventional area of science. In order to become a geologist, you can take a four-year course in geology. You can further specialize in it through postgraduate studies and even a doctorate afterward. 

9. Forensic Pathologist

Forensic pathology is a subspecialist area of pathology that involves the examination of the bodies of people who have died unnaturally, accidentally, or violently. The forensic pathologists are trained to find evidence from the body and give the necessary findings  to the police department, so that they can proceed with their investigation process. This is an extremely well-paid career option, and you can be hired by international agencies and government agencies.

10. Astrophysicist

This is true for all students who find stargazing and learning about the planets exciting. Being an astrophysicist not only pays you well but also gives you the opportunity to work with world-renowned scientists and top space organizations. Astrophysics is the study of stars and planets, and astrophysicists find and derive understanding from the birth and death of celestial bodies. You can either directly go and apply for an undergraduate course or do an honors in physics and then continue with a postgraduate degree in astrophysics. 

These are just a few of the many courses students can apply for after completing their class 12 science coursework. The first step to understanding which way to look is to ask yourself, “What am I passionate about?” Once you get the answer to the same question, start researching and taking advice from professionals who can help you with a variety of options in your areas of interest. Look at the prospects and availability of growth, and then narrow down your options. 

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