How Much does it Cost to Charter a Luxury Travel Yacht?

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There are few things that can rival the luxury of yacht travel. You will find endless exploration opportunities in luxurious settings as the wind blows through you hair. This is especially appealing after a year indoors. Private yacht charters could provide adventurers with a safe haven from the crowds as we recover from the pandemic. A common question among novice charterers, however, is “How much does it really cost to charter yacht?”

Elite Traveler answers this question and more. For Yacht Rental Turkey we have compiled a list of the main costs anyone looking to charter a yacht for their first time should consider.

What does my yacht charter cost?

There are two types to yacht charters. There are two types: an all-inclusive yacht charter and a more popular ‘plus costs’ charter. An all-inclusive yacht charter will pay almost all of the expenses such as fuel, crew, food, and fuel. This is not the case for all charter companies. These fees can quickly add-up and could prove costly.

A ‘plus expense’ charter or’separated charges’ charter is where the price of the ship, crew, and equipment is charged. All other expenses must be paid through an APA. Before you board a cruise, you will need to fill out a preference form listing your favorite foods and preferences. These items are then available for the staff and chef to stockpile. This gives you a more personal experience.

An APA will cover not only food and drinks but also fuel and dockage. This would come out to $45,600. This is a substantial sum that you should consider when selecting your vessel.

A ‘bareboat Charter’ is another less popular charter. This charter doesn’t include provisions or crew. It is most popular for experienced yachtsmen and women or those who have their own crew.

How much does a yacht charter cost?

The reputation of the crew as well as the age of the yacht will determine the cost of your charter. However, the most important thing is the yacht’s dimension. The yacht’s size will determine the cost.

Burgess Yacht Brokerage is a leader in yacht brokerage. A week charter in Caribbean aboard a 163.3-foot Home starts around $245,000.

It might be surprising for novice charterers that a larger yacht can only hold 12 people.

Does the price of yachts depend on their type?

It is not as large as it looks. The 1920s through 1970s saw the construction of classic yachts. Sportfishing yachts have the ability to be agile and reach great spots for diving or fishing.

While sailing yachts are popular with boating enthusiasts, they are not the most preferred choice for chartering. However, motor yachts are more common and are often the first choice for chartering. These yachts are usually larger and more costly to purchase, maintain and fuel.

Over the past decade, explorer yachts have gained popularity among adventurous travelers who want to enjoy luxurious adventures on the seven oceans. It’s comparable to chartering O’Pari at 312 ft for $1.1m.

Are Chartering’s during certain months more expensive than others?

The charter price will depend on the season. Prices will rise if you charter during peak periods. It is the peak rate between Christmas and New Year. The cost of a charter depends on its location. The Caribbean charters tend to be more expensive between December, March, and the summer when they are at their most expensive.

What do you think about gratuities and unexpected expenses?

A Mediterranean jellyfish will not sting a beginner sail boater. The APA for a charter that includes ‘plus expenses’ must be paid before you sail. If you don’t use your APA, you’ll get refunded. Crew gratuities don’t count in Travel yacht charter pricing for all-inclusive charters, or additional expenses. Your charter fee may include docking fees. These are the charges that you pay to have your yacht kept in a marina for an overnight.

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