How Much It Costs to Develop a Healthcare App: You Must Know

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COVID-19 has made us all aware of many things, one of which is the importance of taking care of our health. As we all know, digitization has enabled every industry to provide services to audiences beyond their capacity. And it persuaded every business to build a digital presence to run their businesses successfully. In terms of healthcare app development, it has become critical for hospitals, clinics, and medical stores to reach out to their patients. If this industry compels you to invest in healthcare mobile app development, go for it. Let’s look at the types and features of healthcare app development.

Types of healthcare app development

Here are some healthcare apps developed for different purposes.

Medical records

Some healthcare organizations use medical record apps to improve disease treatment plans. These aid healthcare professionals in collecting data about patients’ illnesses and function as electronic copies to obtain the information. Small-scale clinics use it to keep track of regular patients’ information.


Apps such as Teladoc, GoodRx Care, and others enable physicians to schedule appointments with their patients. They can also offer them advice via video calls and messages. These apps are appropriate for medical professionals and patients because they allow patients to receive medical consultations. Hire an Android applications developer for establishing telehealth in your apps.

Appointment scheduling apps

Assisting people in booking a meeting with a doctor in their area improves patient satisfaction. It requires the addition of a physician’s profile, a calendar to add or change schedule dates, and payment services. This app can also include a notification feature to remind users of upcoming appointments.

Fitness apps

Apps such as BetterMe, MyFitnessPal, Digifit, and others are popular choices for obtaining health and fitness app development services. These intend to help a wide range of people of all ages. These apps allow users to collaborate with a virtual trainer while monitoring their diet, health, and activities to develop healthy habits.

Nutrition apps

Fooducate, Lifesum, and other apps assist users in maintaining a balanced diet and controlling their eating habits. Reminders, meal planning, calorie calculator, food & health database, and much more are all useful features to include in these apps.

Features of healthcare app development

Here are some features of your healthcare app that should consist.


Patients, doctors, and app administrators must all register with the app. The app comes with a simple registration process. Users can register by providing information, like their name, email address, phone number, and password.

Different profiles

Whoever is logged in to the app, whether a doctor or a patient’s basic information such as a profile picture, name, medical information, place of work, address, etc. Review features can integrate into these profiles.

Easy appointment

This critical feature is available in top medical and healthcare apps. Patients can use this to schedule a visit to their doctor or a video consultation based on the availability of both parties.


It enables doctors to send prescriptions to specific patients via the internet. It is beneficial because it saves time and money while reducing errors. Users can accumulate from various sources if they seek consultation from numerous healthcare professionals.


An experienced mobile app development company understands the significance of including this feature. Most apps accept credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other payment methods to provide users with the most convenient payment method. Hire Android application developer for establishing a secure payment method.

Cost of healthcare app development

Here are the monetization models for developing healthcare apps.

Freemium model

One of the most common methods of generating revenue is additional app features. All of the app’s features are available to users by paying a fee.

In-app ads

This monetization strategy is quick to put into action. The app’s owner can allow other businesses to place relevant advertisements on their media app. They can form paid partnerships with local vendors who want to promote their products or services.


Users can gain access to some of the medical app’s specific functions and features by paying a fee and signing up for app subscriptions weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.


We’ve all seen the rise of on-demand app development services in the healthcare sector over the years, which has provided people with advanced medical care. The healthcare development sector has aided in the expansion of new-age businesses by providing people easy access to medical and healthcare facilities. And for more consideration, consult Android App Development Company India for your projects.

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