How Schools & Universities can benefit from SMS

by Ashishguni

Interactions between faculty, administration, and students are crucial in educational institutions. Officials at universities must have a reliable means of disseminating time-sensitive information to students on short notice. Emails and letters sent home with pupils were formerly the primary means of school communication, but they have since fallen out of use.

Due dates, emergencies, or schedule changes can’t be successfully communicated since spam and marketing emails increasingly dominate inboxes, and letters sent home with pupils typically get crumpled and lost in filthy bags. The good news is that these obstacles may be easily avoided by using mass communications.

Student Benefits from Text Messages

Colleges and universities may gain a lot from incorporating mass messaging into their existing communication infrastructure. Teachers and administrators may use mass texting to notify students of last-minute changes to class times, weather emergencies. New student enrollment, and other important announcements. Furthermore, research has shown that students who opt in to receive text messages from their colleges are 12% more likely to return for a second year of study.

We’ll discuss a few of the most useful cases for colleges to use bulk text messaging and automated phoning to reach out to students.

  • Talks between educators and parents

With the use of text message, parents may get timely mild reminders about forthcoming parents – teachers meetings. Which is helpful since parents tend to lead extremely busy lives and may forget about parents meeting or key school dates. Students benefit from on-time parent-teacher conferences.

  • Text message notifications for severe weather and other emergencies

In a crisis, texting is a must. Sending out weather and emergency notifications through text messages may literally save lives. The weather may have a significant impact on travel and can lead to accidents. A student’s life may be saved with the use of simple SMS warnings to parents and school administration. Informing parents and kids as soon as possible of any school closures or delays so that they have time to make alternate plans.

  • Time to Study!

During exam periods, sending out mass text messages to students is an excellent way to remind them of important details like the date and time of their exams. And this is a terrific approach to let students know of last-minute adjustments to the test schedule or venue.

  • Admitting a New Class of Students

For admissions purposes, an SMS campaign is a very efficient means of reaching prospective students and their parents. Reminding students and their families through text message of upcoming application deadlines may have a significant impact on the number of people who actually apply for admission. Students benefit from timely communication regarding events, new courses, and extracurricular activities.

  • Messages of extreme urgency

In the case of an urgent matter requiring the intervention of school authorities, such as the illness, injury, or accident of a student, or the need for rapid disciplinary action. To reach your parents in this scenario, a quick text message is far more likely to be well received than a phone call. As a result, you may send them an SMS alert and get in touch with them immediately. When an event occurs, parents may rest easy knowing they have received a thorough text message that details everything that happened.

  • Conversing with the Employees

SMS may also be utilised for maintaining communication with faculty. They may be reminded of future deadlines and events with a short text message. Strong relationships between administration and faculty ensure that students get consistent, high-quality support.

Why Everyone Should use Text Messaging in College

At Guni SMS Gateway, we want to make sure that our clients have access to a simple software that can handle all of their messaging requirements. Our service enables institutions to quickly and easily reach out to all of their students through phone call or text message thanks to our custom-built platform, which was designed just for this purpose.

Text messages that include personalisation, such as “first name” or “last name,” have been shown to improve response rates by 4-12%. We’ve designed it so you can easily customise your broadcasts with just a few clicks of a button. Custom fields like first name, last name, and appointment time are available in our text message customisation function.

  • Numerous Communication Networks On Guni SMS Gateway

No matter how many of you there are, your group is welcome here. This allows you to send a single message to as few as five individuals or as many as fifty thousand. You may have faith that your messages, no matter how large, will be delivered promptly.

  • Time and money are both saved by using automation services at colleges. 

The SMS keywords and auto-replies are only two of our automation options available right now. SMS keywords allow you to associate a word or phrase with the sending of a predetermined SMS message. As a result of keywords, teams may react to contacts in bulk without having to wait for individual replies from each receiver.

You may save time and effort while communicating with your contacts by using auto-replies. Which send out a prewritten text message in response to a contact’s SMS. Auto-replies are often used to notify the receiver that you are out of the office. That they should contact you instead, or that the number they have reached you at is no longer in service.


Connecting with new and existing college students via mass communications is the most efficient strategy to encourage more students to return for their sophomore year. As a mass messaging service, Guni SMS Gateway offers a free trial to all new clients without requiring a credit card.

Using short message service (SMS) is the most effective strategy for attracting and retaining students and parents at all educational levels. As a result, everyone is better educated at the correct moment. Which improves the effectiveness and efficiency of the classroom as a whole.


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