How to Celebrate the festival with Poor Kids

by IBC938

The festive season may bring you joy and celebrations with friends and family, but millions of kids do not even know where their next meal will come from. According to Hindu mythology, the festival of light marks the triumph of good over evil. It is important to keep in mind, however, that the less fortunate children cannot take for granted the new clothes, sweets, and celebrations that the privileged few enjoy. Bringing a smile to their face and enabling them to believe in a better future is possible with your share of time and energy.

Get to know children’s shelters

Children and adults who are socially conscious are increasingly choosing to invest their budget towards a better cause rather than burning money on conspicuous consumption such as firecrackers. The children’s shelters often organize ‘melas’ where they sell their handicrafts, candles, and other items. There are many of these melas across the country, including in the metropolises.

Children should receive treats

Fundraising and gift-giving to local children is an easy way to give back to the community. There are several things you can give as gifts, such as sweets, chocolates, dry fruits, and seasonal fruits. A gated colony can host a low-key annual event for each employee’s children hired by the colony, as everyone will want to be a part of this goodwill gesture. Books, pens, and other educational essentials can also be purchased with funds raised for such a cause.

Communal fireworks display

Although many people can opt not to burn firecrackers out of poverty and not out of cost, it is a compulsion for them because of their environmental impact. A community fireworks session would be a great activity for kids passionate about firecrackers. As a professional ignites the sky with crackers and rockets, the children can watch safely from a distance. By using eco-friendly crackers instead of conventional firecrackers, contamination and breathing hazards, as well as skin allergies can be avoided. Conventional firecrackers are made from harmful chemicals, including copper, potassium nitrate, carbon, lead, cadmium, zinc, and sulphur. Chemicals are significantly reduced in these crackers because they are made from recycled paper. Smoke and noise are also reduced.

Charitable donation

By channeling your goodwill through an NGO, you can significantly help social good with a small fraction of your festival budget. In comparison to buying crackers manufactured using child labor, this is a more environmentally friendly alternative. Rather than giving to a charity, consider donating to an NGO like Save the Children. Global child rights leaders address educational, nutritional, trafficking, violence, and abuse challenges with children, communities, and governments. It removes tens of thousands of children from child labour and slavery by identifying and guiding them to opportunities in education and job skills.


With so many opportunities to impact children’s lives, festivals are not just commercial events, but can also serve to address the needs of communities. All that is required is the willingness to serve others. NGOs should be supported as they can make a positive impact on the lives of children across India through fundraising. The Save the Children organization is making a difference in 120 countries by providing education to millions of children who have been impacted by armed conflict and exploitation and building community infrastructure. As the world’s leading response agency for children, it also undertakes advocacy and creates a stronger voice for them. Thanks for reading this article here are some good wishes for brother on raksha bandhan check it out.

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