How to Export Data from a Lotus Notes Database to Office 365 Account?

Step-by-Step Guide to Bulk Move Lotus Notes NSF Files to Office 365 Cloud Account

by Ritu Roy

This entire post will help out to perform a safe and secure migration from Lotus Notes to Office 365 cloud account. Alongwith the proper working guide for conversion, you can also collect the more knowledge about Lotus Notes and Office 365 applications. So, without taking anymore time let’s get start the discussion so that you can solve the issue of how o export data from a Lotus Notes database to Office 365 account without any error.

Brief about Office 365 & Lotus Notes Application

Office 365 is the highly demandable platform for migrating database from the lot of On-premises email applications owing to its amazing and constructive characteristics for business. And, these features are affordable maintenance charges, high-cloud storage capacity, operate from anywhere, security at par and so on.

Another side, Lotus Notes is a well-known application by the user and now it is the email clients which users seeking migrate to the cloud or O365 platform. It is observe that the Lotus Notes application is losing in its popularity due to the entrance of Office 365 platform which provide easy-to-handle and reliable feature. As well, Lotus Notes having lot of certain limitations which forces its users to think about the migration from Lotus Notes to Office 365. Some of the basic limitations are given below:

  • It charge high maintenance cost.
  • Its complex interface can’t handle by non-technical user.
  • Technical expertise is must to operate this application.

So, all over we can freely say that these both application are different from each other. One is less expensive, easy to accessible, minimum storage etc. while the other application needs technical expertise to handle, high cost and so on. So, these all are the reasons to perform Lotus Notes application to Office 365 migration procedure. For getting the solution for transferring Lotus Notes database into Exchange Online account, you can use Lotus Notes to O365 Converter.

 Lotus Notes to O365 Tool to perform Migration from Lotus Note to Office 365

As we know perfectly that shifting the Lotus Notes database to cloud storage is the most challenging task to do. But don’t worry here anyone can rely on the safe and secure Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration software that enables users to perform the entire migration process. It is a stress-free solution that can quickly and directly perform the solution of how to export data from a Lotus Notes database to Office 365 account. The software is highly demandable nowadays because it’s a simple graphical interface and is suggested by most experts to regulate the migration process. Let’s take a brief about the verities of features of Lotus Notes Converter to O365 utility.

Features of CubexSoft NSF to Office 365 Migration Tool

  • Simple GUI supports users to easily access the application to migrate Lotus Notes NSF data files to Outlook Web Access.
  • Offers batch functionality which is more helpful to transfer unlimited NSF files/ folders into Exchange Online in a single round.
  • No requirement for technical expertise, all technical and non-technical can simply handle the complete software.
  • Lotus Notes email client installation and login credentials of O365 account is essential.
  • The preview option facilitate to get the brief view of desired NSF emails before to start the procedure.
  • All Lotus Notes editions are well-supportable to access this application.
  • Well-capable to transfer Lotus Notes folder to Office 365 including emails, contacts, calendars etc.
  • Provide a very short working guide that does not take your precious time. Entire process can be implementable within a limited time.
  • Perfectly retains the entire folder structure even after completing the migration process.
  • The windows-supported program can be accessed on any Windows version such as 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and all others.

Summing Up

In this above post, we took a closer look at one of the best solutions of how to export data from a Lotus Notes database to Office 365 cloud account. Before to buy this solution, one of the best options available is to test the Lotus Notes to O365 tool using its free trial edition. After getting a free trial, freely go and invest in the licensed key of that product.

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