The party nails can be temporary extensions of the nail.

by mehrotrasaanvi

The party nails can be temporary extensions of the nail. They don’t have to cover them with any substance else, however, if you wish you can apply a coat or two of glue on the entire nail as well as the tip and then apply filler powder in between the layers. Party nails are affordable and are a much less time-consuming process They’re perfect for people who want their nails to appear longer and more attractive for an event. They’re good for about one week.

It’s not enough to know that you’re party and weekend prepared if you don’t know what you will appear all the way from top to bottom, and this also includes the nails. Nail art, also known as nail paint is the final part of any style and, since there’s always many nail art designs to pick from, but it is crucial to think it through before deciding on the final look. Here’s how to do it. about this.

When it comes to nail art for party generally, it is thought that you need to go to the salon. However, that’s not always the reality! With the top nail polishes available you can make stunning nail art. You will require shades of nail polish that will make you look fabulous. appearance, such as dark nail polish that is paired with shine or a striking color. We love the contrast of the dark base and the metallic shimmer. Nothing says party-ready as the nail art tutorial we chosen just for today. It will take the one-step closer completing your look with beautiful nails! Here’s how you can achieve this style:


Step 1


Start by the application of a primer coat to all of your finger nails. In this way, you can avoid nail discoloration and prepare them for the steps that are to be followed.

Step 2

Apply a second coat of a dark, rich shade, such as the Lakme Absolute Gel Stylist Blue Royale to all of your fingers.

Step 3.

Then apply a straight vertical line with a metallic shade such as this one Lakme True Wear Color Crush Silver 04 in the middle of the nails. This will give some depth to your nails.

Step 4

Choose one of the Lakme True Wear Color Crush Gold 01 to create a striking contrast. Make thin lines using an artist’s brush the two side of the horizontal silver line to boost the elegance of the selected design.

Step 5

Make sure that the color lasts for a long time by applying a top coat.

Elegant, subtle and effortless You have achieved nail polish for your party and will be on the road to deciding which clothes and shoes this will look best with.

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