How to Invest in The Share Market

by Aswathy

Investing in the stock market is a great way to grow your money and get an edge. Investing doesn’t only mean buying stocks; it also means looking at different companies and figuring out whether they are an excellent long-term bet or not. Investing can seem intimidating, but with some research, you can find the right strategy that suits your financial goals and risk tolerance. With the decreasing value of your savings, investing money becomes more critical than ever. You can invest your money in various ways, but not all suit every investor. Depending on your financial goals and risk appetite, you can choose from plenty of options. This article will discuss how to invest in the share market. Interested readers can read further and learn more about the basics of online share trading

What is the Stock Market?

Equities, derivatives, bonds, mutual funds, and derivatives are listed, bought, and sold on the stock market. In general, it refers to financial instruments listed on various stock exchanges, whether formal or over-the-counter (OTC). The Securities and Exchange Board of India manages and monitors the stock market functions. For a beginner to learn stock market investing, it is essential to understand the workings of the stock market.

Things to keep in mind before investing

Even though trading on equity doesn’t seem complicated, it’s possible to get swept away by the world of trading without being rewarded in the long run. The following points should be kept in mind before investing in preventing worse outcomes:

  1. Make sure your portfolio is diversified

A healthy portfolio is one that is diverse. Having a particular asset class dominate your portfolio will not provide a steady flow of funds when it is experiencing lows. Financial advisors recommend adding alternative asset classes to offset low periods in one asset class. Bonds or other debt instruments are sometimes used to offset equity investments. If one maintains this balance in their portfolios, they will be protected from market crises.

  1. Identify your investor profile

Depending on your risk appetite, you can discover the kind of instruments that will suit you best. You can manage your risk to match your lifestyle, ensuring that you are taking on the right amount of risk.

  1. Plan your investments

An investment plan can help you avoid potential pitfalls by stating how much revenue you want to generate from your investments and how long you will need to stay invested to generate that revenue.


Stock Market Investing: How do you get started?

Those who know how to tap into the movement of stocks and gain lucrative returns on the stock market can make money. The following are some tips you should follow if you want to understand how the stock market works and how to invest in the share market: 

1) Open a Demat account

Contact a depository participant (DP) or a depository agent, and fill out an account opening form. The necessary documents should also be enclosed. You will also have to sign an agreement that outlines the rules and regulations and the charges you will have to pay. After processing your form, the DP will provide you with a Demat account number and a client ID. In addition, you can access your Demat account online using these details.

2) Determine your investment needs

Investors must determine their needs and limitations before placing an order on the stock market. Users should consider both present and future requirements when determining requirements. Similarly, determining their limitations follows the same principle. The investible surplus can be calculated by listing an investor’s income, subtracting all their expenses, and then deducting any debt obligations (if any). In order to determine the most appropriate share market investment strategy, the investor’s risk aversion must be considered. Those not interested in taking higher risks prefer investing in fixed deposits and bonds. The tax liabilities of investors are often overlooked when investing.

3) Develop an investment strategy

In order to formulate an appropriate investment strategy, investors must understand their investment capacity and analyse the current stock market situation. Individuals need to identify stocks that meet their needs. Investing in dividend-paying stocks can be a good source of additional income for investors. The choice of growth stocks is a good strategy for investors who want to grow their capital.

4) Know when to enter and exit

One of the most crucial share market basics that investors overlook is entering the market at the right time. It is generally recommended to enter the market at a low price. Investors can maximise their profits by purchasing identified stocks at the lowest cost. When the stock reaches its highest price, it is profitable to exit it. Investing in the stock market requires careful planning of entry and exit points. Without a well-developed plan, you will be like a ship without a compass at sea. A disaster can occur if you don’t exercise caution beforehand in the stock market because it is highly risky.


Stock investing is a popular and lucrative investment strategy for many people. The stock market is an excellent place for investors to make money. A good investment plan aims to find the best stocks that offer attractive returns on investment. The key to making money in the stock market is a good investment strategy that considers the market’s current state, investment goal, and risk tolerance. A right idea on how to invest in the share market can help you make the right choices about when to buy and sell stocks. 


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