How to make an 3d origami rabbit

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How to make an origami rabbit

The origami rabbit is considered to be the mother of all origami animals as it’s the first creature people learn how to make. It also has the basic building blocks of many other origami creatures, so once you learn how to make an origami rabbit you’ll be able to tackle lots of other paper-folding projects! This tutorial will show you all the steps necessary to turn a square piece of paper into your very own 3d origami rabbit!

Step 1: Prepare the papers

The first step is to prepare the papers. Take the four sheets of paper, and fold them in half. Fold the right edge of one sheet over the left edge of another sheet, so that they form a rectangle. Now do this with two more sheets of paper. It should look like this Then put one sheet on top of the other, and line up the edges. Make sure all corners are matched up correctly as well! Now we can start to cut out our shape. Cut along each side, until you reach your last corner point.
The next part requires scissors – use them to cut out your shape!
Once you have removed most of your shape’s pieces, fold it in half diagonally (to create a triangle). Use your fingers or something else blunt but firm to push down on all creases firmly. You may need to use something sharp like a pen or pencil tip for those hard-to-reach creases! Try not to bend any sides too much though; just press down firmly where necessary!

Step 2: Fold the ears
1) Fold in half horizontally, then turn the paper over so that the folds are on the backside.
2) Take the right-hand corner and fold it up to the center line. 2) Take the left-hand corner and fold it up to the center line.
3) Crease well and unfold again.
4) Now take each side of these two triangular flaps you’ve just created, fold them up to meet at a point in the center, and crease well.
5) Repeat for other ear.

Step 3: Fold the legs

3. Fold the top of the paper in half so that the two halves touch, then fold each of these halves in half again. At this point, you should have a square with four smaller squares inside.
4. On the left-hand side of your paper, fold one of the small squares diagonally across and up towards yourself. Repeat on the other side so that you have two diagonal folds on each side of your square.

Step 4: Add in details

-First, cut out two pieces of paper. One should be the head and the other should be the body. -Fold one piece of paper in half to form the head. -Then, fold it in half again so that there are 4 creases on either side. -Open up both sides and curl them over each other so that they overlap with a small amount of space between them. -Fold one layer down onto another with a little bit of space between them. Repeat this step until you have 7 layers and then trim off excess paper if necessary. Now you have a basic shape for your origami bunny’s head! -Now, fold your second piece of paper in half lengthwise to create your bunny’s body part.

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