How to setup brother printer wifi ?

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Brother printer wifi setup


Brother printer wifi setup process is the most important task whenever you are configuring your printer. If, you  Want to learn how to set up the Brother printer over Wi-Fi? Well, it is very easy! First of all, make sure you know the WiFi password of your network. After that, go to the printer’s control panel and then navigate to the WiFi settings. Search for your home network and select it. Enter the Wifi password and the printer will be connected to the network. Now, download the Brother printer software on your PC and set up your printer as a wireless printer.

How to setup the Brother printer over Wi-Fi?

  • Installation of drivers for the Brother QL-810w Printer driver.
  • After installing the driver for your printer Connect the power cable for the printer to the power source, and connect the USB connection to the computer.Brother printer wifi setupIn the driver installation, you’ll be required to input your driver’s serial number. This number is found on the sticker that’s attached to the back of your printer.
  • After installing the drivers, look for the Printer Setup Tools on your computer, and launch it.
  • Select your communication settings.
  • Go to General > Communication Settings and make sure that the settings as follows:
  • Network Settings on Power On: On by Default.
  • Selected Interface: Infrastructure or Ad-hoc.
  • Go to on Wireless the Lan Settings Setting up Wireless Settings The SSID (Network Name) > Search and select the network you want to join.
  • Input the password in The Password field.
  • Click and apply.
  • Select the Wireless and Lan and select Present Status > Refresh to ensure your Network Name (Network Name) is correct according to the network to which you are connected.
  • After you click Apply after clicking Apply, you can remove your USB cable from the Brother machine.

How to configure a Brother printer using the WPS (router)

  • Make sure to connect your router’s power cable to the power source.
  • Then , Click the ON/OFF option on the router and then wait until all router’s panel commands are in effect.
  • Attach the printhead’s electrical power cord directly to the power source.
  • Press the Power switch on your printer. A green light will flash on and stay on for 10 seconds before proceeding to you are ready for the next stage.
  • Press the WPS button on your router for 3 minutes.
  • Press to activate the button on the printer’s WPS button for 3 minutes. If the light on the printer changes to blue (it’s not blinking blue light) it means that your printer has been connected to the Internet. It could take a couple of minutes.


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