Investigation Unveils Potential Investment Fraud Involving Bitget and USDT Coin

by sophiajames

In recent developments, an investigation has brought to light alarming evidence of potential investment fraud associated with 비트겟 Bitget and USDT Coin. This article aims to delve into the matter and provide an in-depth analysis of the situation. It is important to note that the information presented here is based on available data and personal opinions.

 Reason for Inquiry:

 Numerous individuals have expressed doubts and suspicions regarding their dealings with Bitget, prompting an inquiry into the possibility of investment fraud. They seek clarification on whether they have fallen victim to fraudulent activities.

Access Path:

The inquiry into 비트겟 Bitget’s legitimacy has been initiated through various channels, including online searches, recommendations from acquaintances, text messages, and KakaoTalk discussions.

Company Name or Business Name:

The company under scrutiny is 비트겟 Bitget, operating in the cryptocurrency investment domain.

Investment Field:

비트겟 Bitget primarily focuses on the Dollar (USDT) coin, offering investment opportunities in this specific cryptocurrency.

Site Address:

To access 비트겟 Bitget’s official website, please visit

Business Description:

비트겟 Bitget claims to provide users with a platform for investing in the Dollar (USDT) coin, promising lucrative returns. They have actively targeted Korean users, enticing them with the prospect of acquiring dollars at a reduced cost. However, their claims and practices have raised suspicions among investors.

A concerning aspect is the requirement of Tron coins for currency exchange, leading to confusion and incorrect deposits by some users. Additionally, 비트겟 Bitget has repeatedly solicited additional funds from investors, which raises red flags.

Bitget facilitates the transfer of USDT to users’ wallets through the Bitkip exchange. The deposit account name provided by Bitget is Convertible Buy Co., Ltd.

It is crucial to gather detailed information about the nature of Bitget’s business, the expected rate of return, and any promotional texts they may have used. This will aid in conducting a thorough review and forming a judgment based on the available information.

Personal Review Opinion:

Members are encouraged to share their personal review opinion by selecting one of the following options:

  • It is a fraud.
  • It seems to be a fraud.
  • It is not a fraud.
  • It does not seem to be a fraud.
  • I do not know.
  • Supplementation (lack of data or explanation).


 To summarize, Bitget and USDT Coin are currently under investigation for potential investment fraud. Suspicious behavior, including false promises of low-cost investments and repeated requests for money, have led to concerns of fraudulent activity. We will keep you updated on any developments in this ongoing situation. Additionally, if you need to calculate the real-time value of your digital assets, our USDT calculator can help you convert it to USD.

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