Is Mouth to Lung Vaping Better Than Direct to Lung?

by Kaijose

Its 2022, a vast group of people are concerned about their health and trying to shift to vapes to skip their smoking habit. According to NHS, vaping has been proven to be 95% safer than cigarettes, and many people have switched to this method for multiple reasons. Disposable vapes like  elf bar 1500 uk  and elux bar 1500 save them money, and they feel they are getting their nicotine fix with lesser harmful side effects.

If you’re one of the new shifters that quit cigarettes and shifted to vapes, you must be seeking the basic vaping methods and directions. This article focuses on clearing the air between the mouth-to-lung (MTL) and direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping styles. Read below to find out!

Finding The Style That Suits You

Many people are confused about the difference between the two methods and which vaping system is right for them. Some like to have a tighter airflow experience, some like harder throat hits, some like to enjoy flavour alot, and vice versa. Both of the vaping methods have their perks and complications. Let’s discuss both in detail to find the one that works best for you according to your vaping preferences.

Mouth to Lung Vaping:

MTL vaping is the most common and newest type of vaping. It is a mouth-to-lung hit which means that the vapour is not just inhaled into the lungs but also you take a puff in your mouth and then inhale. This kind of vaping is similar to smoking but less harmful chemicals and compounds than cigarettes.

The mouth to the lung is much smoother with more flavour, but it takes longer to feel the effects as the vapour comes inside your mouth than the lungs. It requires a more technical approach to keep from choking on the vapour.

Moreover, go with mouth-to-lung vaping if you’re looking for a smoother throat hit. You’ll have more flavours and better control over your vaping session, so you’ll love every minute!

Steps For MTL Vaping:

Following are the steps and guidelines for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping method.

  • The first step for mouth-to-lung vaping is taking a drag from your disposable vape like elux bar 1500 in your mouth before inhaling it into your lungs.
  • The second step for this type of vaping is inhaling the vapour in your mouth to your lungs.
  • Lastly, exhale after taking a drag or after finishing off one hit.

Direct to Lung Vaping:

DTL is not as technical as MTL vaping type. It is simpler and easier to follow. It’s similar to drinking a soda or juice with the help of a straw.

Direct to lung can get you a more significant buzz quicker, but you don’t have as much control over the vape’s strength or flavour. This is a type of vaping where the vapour that goes directly into your lungs is more intense than mouth-to-lung vaping. And it may be a better method for those looking for a more substantial hit.

Steps For DTL Vaping:

The steps for direct-to-lung vaping involve:

  • First, take a puff directly into your lungs– do not stop at your mouth.
  • Secondly, exhale all the vapour and release all those ghost clouds into the air!

The Best Vape For Both Vaping Methods:

Disposable vaping devices are excellent for both types of vaping methods. It provides a great option for trying out different E-liquids and nicotine ranges flavours. Introducing these vapes to the market has been revolutionary as they are easy to use and portable.

Moreover, they are also more affordable than traditional e-cigarettes. Disposable kits come in different shapes, sizes, and flavours, so there is always something for everyone.

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