Know How To Winterize Your Windows This Winter Season

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Winter is around the corner, and your windows have to perform double duty by providing an undisrupted scenic view of the outdoors while keeping your home warm. In this blog, we have curated some crucial information on how to take the proper steps to winterize windows and enhance energy efficiency without paying huge utility bills.

How to winterize windows?

Winterizing the windows plays a crucial role in maintaining a comfortable, energy-efficient, and warm home throughout the winter season. Start with inspecting the windows for any potential damage. In case you witness any cracks or damaged glasses, get them replaced instantly.

While purchasing a new window, always look out for its R-value. This number symbolizes the window’s resistant power toward heat flow. The higher the R-value, the better the product for the winter months.

Check whether the window glass panes are installed correctly or not. Condensation between the glass panels indicates an improper seal on the insulated glasses. When sealed by a professional, the air-filled spacer between these panels reduces heat loss and keeps your home warm.

Connect with the best window treatment company in NYC that can help you fix the seal. If your windows are under warranty, call the manufacturer for a free repair and re-installation.

Check the window frames for any cracks or gaps where cold air might enter. You can notice that the caulk around the windows is damaged, shrunken, or peeling. If so, remove the old caulk with a screwdriver and add a fresh one to seal the windows properly.

Inspect the weatherstripping that runs along the bottom of the windows. Weatherstripping often lasts for 4-5 years. You can replace it when you see visible holes or cracks, or detect air leaking under the window.

How to upgrade to energy-efficient windows for winter?

Winterization comes down to energy efficiency. Sealing, caulking, weatherstripping, and locking the windows – all contribute to keeping your windows operating at peak efficiency in the cold, chilling winters.

Over time, you can find that your annual efforts to window winterization is not justified. More drafts and HVAC system work extra to maintain a comfortable temperature. That’s when the energy-efficient windows come to the rescue.

Winter is different in various parts of the United States. There are many energy-efficient windows specifically designed for the cold winters. These windows provide lower U-factors and higher solar heat gain coefficients (SHGF) than energy-efficient windows designed for hot, southern climates. It means that they don’t work efficiently when it comes to insulating winter temps while allowing more sunlight inside for a warm atmosphere around the home.

When heat gain and heat loss via windows contribute up to 25-30% of your heating and cooling energy use, upgrading to an energy-efficient window treatment makes a significant difference. Visit our window treatment company in NYC to get the best energy-efficient window treatment coverings that serve the right purpose throughout the year.


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