Luxury Yacht Travel in Turkey

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Turkey is the nation that connects Europe with Asia and blends two traditions in Turkish society. Turkey is blessed with a number of legendary cultural treasures. Despite it is not being an isolated island Turkey can be found between its Black Sea to the north as well as to the north, Aegon Sea towards the west as well as to the south, and Mediterranean Sea to the south.

So an yacht charter in Turkey is the best method to get to know this amazing country. Do Follow for Charter Yachts in Turkey.

Let’s begin and find out why exploring Turkey on a yacht is a wonderful experience.

The process of booking a yacht charter in Turkey is simple

As you could imagine a nation with this many coastlines, sea trips of any kind are readily available. However, the majority of people organize yacht rentals through reliable companies such as Click & Boat. This is due to the following reasons:

  • They provide a variety of boats, including yachts catamarans, motorboats and sailboats. So, if you’d like to enjoy a relaxing time with your family or go out on a speedy boat to experience an adrenaline rush You can.
  • Chartering vessels or yachts in Turkey can be done by hours, days or for a whole week. There’s something for every budget and need.
  • There is no requirement to be a sailer in order to hire a certified skipper is an alternative. Relax on the beach with a professional taking charge of your sailing.
  • By a couple of clicks with companies such as Click and Boat, it is possible to book charter yachts in Turkey within a matter of minutes.

Onboard your yacht

The experience of visiting Turkey is an unforgettable experience. However, there are plenty to do on the various vessels. Consider:

  1. It is possible to experience an unforgettable sea trip.
  2. You can enjoy the beauty of the coastline of Turkey while sipping a refreshing drink during the scorching temperatures.
  3. The ocean can be felt as you eat exquisite seafood.
  4. On vessels that are faster it is possible to water ski or tubing. Why not try paragliding?
  5. Enjoy the coast by mooring your boat for food, fun at the beach and exploring caves and coves.
  6. Snorkeling and diving and spotting incredible underwater life.

Exploring Turkey

There are some stunning coastal cities you can visit from when you are on your charter yacht. Once you’ve moored, explore the unique cultural diversity of Turkey which is a mix with Europe as well as Asia. Izmir is a city in the state of Izmir is an excellent starting point.


The city is dominated by Western culture however there are a few hints from the east scattered throughout the city. The cultural mix must be seen to be believed. You can:

  • Stroll along the promenade which extends for miles. There is a place to have a break for refreshments, enjoy the views of the ocean and the mountains and watch the people since it is frequently populated with lovers, runners, and people who want to eat.
  • Asansor is a lift that can will take you to various levels within the city. If you go to the top, you’ll be able to see a stunning views over the entire city. Great for selfies.
  • Kizlaragasi Hani is a covered market located in the Bazaar district. The structure which is home to the market date to 1744. It’s gorgeous, with architecture that has oriental affluence. The market is mostly filled with souvenirs however on the upper levels, you’ll see artisans and traders.

This is only one example of what you could do by chartering a yacht in Turkey. You can be sure that your next vacation will be enjoyed on a yacht.

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